Sunday, July 01, 2007

Assignment Hell

Just a quick squeal on line before I write up my version of disco queens (see Prada Pixie)because I am going to find it hard to be jolly or witty about last night when I feel in total emotional meltdown. Overwhelmed, fed up and really really scared.

I have 9 days to finish my last assignment. I have already written half but the last half is the tough bit. 9 days sounds a long time but its not. I have 18 clients again this week, I have a school thing I have to attend and this weekend I am going to London to see Metallica in concert at Wembley stadium. Soooo I don't have long at all. I have to have the draft off to my supervisor by Friday so that I can tweak it on Tuesday then its into the assignment box.

I am sick and tired of the work, I saved it all up and now I am suffering. I have been totally stupid fitting in clients because 'they need me' and I know that by such behaviour I am facilitating my 'don't succeed' injunction big style. I want to cry. I want to hide under the bed clothes.

Even the sweetest new kitten (arrived yesterday) cannot divert me from my misery. I just feel crap ... I could rant forever on stuff. Stuff. Yes lots of stuff.

OK let me put my witty hat on and cram these desperate feelings into my Be Strong box. Dancing Queens .... read on!


Kahless said...

Hey, just think what you can do in 9 days to celebrate.
Sorry you're feeling crap. Don't forget to do something nice for yourself eh? Candles?
Positive strokes and hugs to you.

Queen Vixen said...

I need candles. I need a full blown ritual. Been trying to squeeze one in all weekend and failed miserably. Lost me at the moment. I am not even close, not in my body at all - I am somewhere else. Dissasociation is a wonderful thing when the alternative ie reality is totally awful.

Not long now ..Thanks for your kind thoughts and energy xx

Kahless said...

Try this candle dance!

Queen Vixen said...

Thanks K, and thankfully I finished it this morning. Just got to do my appendicies, write the final paragraph, read through and ammend and put in my references. Nearly there!Its going to be one hell of a celebration this weekend. Entire candle factory needed. x

Pixie said...

Fantastic news QV, no excuses now for not hitting other slightly more sophistocated hotspots perhaps!
love and hugs