Sunday, July 01, 2007

Dancing Queens

Rainy evening in Derby and I was up for the first night of clubbing in my life. Sad for 41, I realise that, but I have been determined to do it for a long time.

Great to see Pixie, we had been promising ouselves a night out for a while.

Tarot cards were great. White wine spritzers (hey at least it wasn't a cup of tea) and then off we went to the club.

Wey hey! Hilarious. Could not believe how many wrinklies there were in there. One bloke walked past - a little unsteady on his feet, not down to drink but AGE. He must have been over 70. I have nothing against older folk boogying on down but he had a suit and tie on. Old mans suit, with jumper and he was on the pull! There were medallions, bald heads, beer bellies, men with lots of scars, men with absolutely NO sex appeal who were winking and giving us the eye. One even offered Pix a pair of devils horns. The look of utter disgust on her face rendered words unnecessary. He shuffled off undeterred to accost a portly 'lady' (term used loosely) in a green boob tube, who really really should have been in a cover all smock. She was keen, they had a meaningful exchange, a bit of buttock pinching and then off to shake the ripples to ' Its ladies night'.

The women, well .... they were more fascinating than the blokes. Squeezed into really small dresses, corsets, shorts. Never seen such an expanse of uncovered stretch marked flesh in one place. You know what .... good on 'em. I thought it was great. They were out to have a good time and a few extra pounds was not going to stop them. I found myself gawping at the ankle boots and short short skirts, BIG legs in between! Bet there were not many knickers on the dance floor. My rather tight white top was positivly discreet by comparison. One woman had no teeth. NO TEETH! Who let the dogs out? Well they were out and partying and I was on the dance floor with them, go girls! There was such a great atmosphere. Fun fun fun and absolutely no hang ups. I could have gone on all night but the old folks wanted to go home hehehe

Will be going again for sure - see how many pension books we can bag. No chance of trouble, zimmer frames cant go that fast.

Bring it on!


Kahless said...

Bet there weren't many knickers on the dance floor!
Hey wait til you're that age and you'll be eyeing up the young totti on the dance floor with your gummed smile. HA!

Queen Vixen said...

I wont need the young stuff there will be plenty of 70 year olds to go round lol I am all for it! Its given me hope for my old age.

Anonymous said...

Between you and Pixie, I'm not going to able to listen to disco music without laughing for a while... with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. Old, fat, wrinkly sugar plums. C;)

Queen Vixen said...

You should have been there. An education! It was fantastic!

Pixie said...

But next time, we go were going somewhere a bit more classy with a little less sodding Abba.... I hate abba!

can't wait!

DJ Kirkby said...

'Shake the ripples', lol! I could just imagine the look on Px's face, great post, very vivid. Loved it.

Queen Vixen said...

Pixie: more class - more teeth. Yes ok ok, but that staff dance was priceless - got to see that again before i die. Village People, eat your heart out.

dj: it was great. Pixie had the 'I dont believe I am really here' look, I was just agog, and loving it. People watching - cant beat it.