Friday, June 29, 2007

My son rocks

He was a truimph! After all my maternal witterings my son performed out of his skin and went down an absolute storm.

He is the front man and had the crowd eating out of his hands; directing the moshing, getting audience participation up and running - strutting his funky stuff! I am so proud (beam) and proud that I gave him the permissions to do it. I have done that all the way along as he has grown up, told him its OK to be him, to express himself, to create, to sing, to be out there no matter what anyone says.

The band did not put a foot wrong. A half hour set, big drum solo - riotous applause. They were the support and the main act was not as well received. I am so proud (beam) ... I think you have gathered that by now, and guess what - there were no cans whatsoever.


Böbø said...

I blame the parents x

Kahless said...

And I think it is so lovely that you are so proud of him.


Pixie said...

Sons rock.....(and daughters too!) Whether being lead singers in bands or graduating from uni,or deciding they are going to 6th form after all.

So we'll just have show them we know how to have a good time too, when we hit the dance floor!

DJ Kirkby said...

Soooo cool! I have goosebumps.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no,.. A superstar!.. that's worse than beer cans! Now there'll be no living with him. C;)

Pixie said...

You have been tagged. So if you can be bothered , 7 fascinating things about you please.

Queen Vixen said...

Bobo: Blame and credit, I will take them both, believe me there is far more credit to be taken than blame for my two wonderful young adults.

Kahless: Thanks and yes I am proud.

Pixie: I think we showed them! Well done and congratulations for your lovely son too. I will attend to the tag once the assigment is done. I am feeling oppressed at the mo.

dj: Cheers. He was great! I will have pics soon.

Craig: A superstar, but modest with it. He is a joy.

Thank you all for such lovely remarks. xxx