Friday, July 20, 2007

The Joy of Buxton

I have spent the day in Buxton in the torrential rain. I had a rare day off, a gift as my one client for the day cancelled last night and I knew then that I could relax and chill and do something for me. I will be back to a full 'surgery' tomorrow and supervision Sunday so today was great.

I decided to go to Buxton because there is the best witchy shop there. I love witchy shops they are just wonderful. The smell of them is delicious, incense and resins. There are candles and mystical tools, they are veritable treasure troves of imagination. I got my last dress and garland from there and they have a nice native American bow with hand made arrows nestling in a corner, and my lovely silver bit of plastic has been so redundant lately. I want a bow - and a quiver full of arrows, I can feel an Artemis phase coming on.

But the shop was shut - rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Not fair - not good, all that way for nothing. I was not best pleased, its all very well for t'internet to corner the market in esoteric and magical supplies but it puts the little witchy shops out of business. There is just no substitute for handling that crystal and feeling if the energy is right, or looking through all the velvet dresses, and accessories; A grizzly picture on the internet cannot convey whether the pentacle you want is the right one, whether the spirit calls to you. The way things are going the only witchy shops in business will be the ones in Glastonbury. (They are totally fab by the way).

The window was dressed beautifully with all sorts of tempting goodies and the most gorgeous gothic blue dress was calling out to me. MMMMMmmm that would have got tried on for sure. But alas it was not to be. I wanted a goddess amulet for my new car too - the old one is the wrong colour scheme (how girlie am I?).

There was a hand scribbled note on the door informing the punters of the opening times (modest to say the least) and then a blessing, "merry we meet, merry we part and merry we meet again". Cold comfort I can assure you! There will be no merry meeting unless I am prepared to haul my ass over there on Tuesdays and Saturdays between 10 and 4. Unlikely!

Guess I had better get browsing for all my esoteric needs, a witch can only stand up for principle for so long. Magical tools need purchasing. In fact after the success of my knob - ahem - staff purchase on ebay I will go and have a shufty.

So if you see a witchy, wierdy shop in your locality - please support it!


Kahless said...

So is witchy clothing for special occaisions (like witch meetings or festivals) or is it everyday clothing for out clubbing with Pixie?

Oh and I went to Buxton once. If I remember it was a nice place.

Queen Vixen said...

It is mainly for specials. The 8 festivals (sun celebrations) and the 13 esbats (full moons) - but I tend to wear my dresses to other parties too. I would NEVER wear them out clubbing - I might get sectioned lol They are essentially special clothes they carry a magical charge if you wear them for magic, so they should be treated with respect. Having said that I usually end up filling my car with petrol on the way to my coven meetings - thats ok when its halloween but I get some really funny looks on the other 7.

Pixie said...

So did you have lunch in that purple and red cafe bar instead. Or where you too busy stropping?
You need to go to Totnes in Devon big time, you'd be in heaven, if that's where witches go when they are in ecstasy!
love you

Kahless said...

(I was teasing about the clubbing part.)

Anonymous said...

What a bummer the witchy shop was shut, sounds like a day to yourself is a rare treat.

There is a great witchy shop near where I live. The owner is lovely. He has a pony tail and a far away look in his eye, as if caught up in some past mystical existence. I bought a beautiful salt lamp from him and it is a wonderful focus for reflection and inner calm.

Witchy dresses are fabby, I love them. I used to have loads and felt really special and sensuous when I wore them. You have inspired me to go shopping QV, perhaps for something stunningly green and fertile.

DJ Kirkby said...

Oooh jealous, I wanted to be there too. I found a lovely one in Glastonbury years ago in a little courtyard behind a vegi cafe, but can't remembeer the name of it...

Lynn said...

What a disappointment. Small shops of specific interst around my area also have limited hours. There is one I have been meaning to get to that sells all manner of local beach relics; shells and crafts and such. I will probably blog about that shop next time I go inside.

Chopski said...

Bummer! I know just how you feel. My butcher shuts on wednesday afternoons!

Queen Vixen said...

Pixie: Yes I did, I had the Santa Fe panini. When you set up your Devon retreat we shall go together.

K: Well its the sort of thing I could very well do, believe me.

Hull: Green and fertile is very appropriate, we are coming up to Lammas very soon, for me that brings in 'Earth' and harvest. So green, gold, any colour of abundance. Go enjoy your shopping.

DJ: That courtyard and veggie caff is great. The goddess temple is in the very spot - did you go into it? Best witchy shop in Glastonbury is the Magick Box in the High Street. Star Child is sooo worth a visit too, and the Goddess and the Green Man. Getting a bit technical now, but I could witter for ages.

Lynn: I look forward to your blog -and glad you will support your shop, it sounds heavenly.

Chopski: Going without your sausage on a wednesday, C, how do you cope? Lazy ass Butcher - although he could be slaughtering, so lets not be hasty