Thursday, July 05, 2007

Whacky Races

Thinking of Bagpuss, and then Hong Kong Fooey and Clangers - I was reminded of the Wacky Races. Sometimes I ask my clients which car was their favourite. It says a lot - my favourite was the Creepy Coop. The gothic tower, the dragon the air of magick and mystery. Enough said. So what was yours - and what do you reckon it says about you?

(I also had a fondness for Dick Dastardly - wish he had won the race at least once!)


Anonymous said...

Oddly, I have always had an affinity for Rufus Ruffcut and Sawtooth in the ever so simple Buzz Wagon.

(and no, sorry, my memory is not that good.. I cheated by going here.)


Queen Vixen said...

I knew that one was yours. I nearly put it in the main blog lol see what I mean - it says a lot :o)

Kahless said...

Sorry, wasn't a fan of Whacky Races.

Queen Vixen said...

Each to their own lol I was forced to watch Blue Peter, how bad was that. Mom thought ITV was a bad influence. The BBC cartoons were life savers

Kahless said...

I wasn't allowed to watch 'Dallas' as it didn't teach good family values!

Do you remember Speedy Gonzales?

Youre a sci-fi fan??
I loved Blakes Seven. I loved Cally and Gan. Servalan was a cool baddie too.
Then there's Starsky and Hutch then Sapphire and Steel and The Avengers and The Professionals....
I could go on.

Queen Vixen said...

Dallas was ace - somehow that slipped through the net. Mom liked it too so I suppose that helped.

I adore Sci Fi. I was bought up on Star Trek. Fantastic! Still get goose bumps with the original, 'space - the final frontier'. Of the modern versions my favourite is Voyager - I want to get that on DVD. Amazing!

Blakes 7 - absolutely. Some old friends recently reminded me that 6th Form physics class all took on one of the characters and used to act the episodes out in lessons. Physics teacher thought we were just a bunch of girls and should not have been doing physics anyway. My favourite was Avon - I also had a fondness for Orac the little computer.

Saphire and Steel! This gets better. I loved that. What a fab concept. Do you remember the one with the photograph. The faceless entity that was present in all photographs. Great stuff!

Current fave is Dr Who, and I have yet to try Heros although it comes highly recommended.

Sci Fi is in my blood.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Oh queen, you've got to watch 'heroes!' One of the best shows EVER!!! (About to end on Sci Fi channel, but I'm sure it will be repeated on terrestrial channel soon!)

Böbø said...

Dear QV - you are so "Avon". Loved Blakes 7, especially when Blake wasn't in it and there weren't seven of them. And Star Trek (I liked the dark warring complexity of DS9 myself - have DVDs, can share). And Dr Who, natch.

As for Whacky Races - we used to have bets on who would win to raise money for Lent at school (no - I don't understand the logic either now).

So many to choose from: I was drawn to Peter Perfect's Turbo Terrific, but he was too wimpy. From this list of winners (only on the Internet) the Ant Hill Mob were the best placed. But I have to own up to being more of a Prof Pat Pending in the Convert-a-Car.

Kahless said...

I will make sure I remind you when Heroes starts on BBC2 this year. MUST watch TV. I guarantee you'll love it.

STrek: Of the modern versions, my favourite was DS9 (took a series or two to get into it.) I had a thing about Jadzia Dax!!! (Was going to be my first choice blog name but others got there first!!) Voyager was good too, especially after Seven of Nine joined the cast!

Can't remember the S&S episode with the photo. I will google it tonight to see if my memory is jogged.


Anonymous said...

I really like Hero's too, but get really annoyed at how wimpy the good guys are. I end up yelling at the TV, "Damn it, Peter!!! Stop whining and just do it!! Friggin' cry baby." For all the time Peter spend whining about this and that, Sylar is practicing using his powers.

Aahhh, now I'm all agitated. C:P

Chopski said...

I quite fancied myself as a Slag Brother! Got no idea what that says about me!!?

Queen Vixen said...

Vi: I promise, I promise, I promise. Heroes is a priority - how can so many good people be wrong. Going to be must see TV

Bobo: You are sooooo Pat Pending. lol that one will have me chuckling all weekend.

K: Yes please, please remind me. I tend to work all the hours and there is precious little sign of any kind of TV guide in this house. The others rely on cefax - I cant even work out the entertainment system let alone do cefax. I have always looked down my nose at cefax anyway. Maybe because I get too impatient waiting for it to scroll through the pages. Get to 501 godammitt! But yes. Heros is going in my diary. 7 of 9 was brilliant - bloody sexy too!

Craig: Message well and truly taken. I want to be able to join in the debate. Wouldnt it be nice if the villains did a bit of crying occasionally - a sort of decent villain that gave people the benefit of the doubt.

Queen Vixen said...

Chopski: You sneaked in there! Slag brothers. They were ace. hehehe maybe you need bashing over the head to get things sorted. Or you could just be hairy with a limited vocab ;o)