Saturday, July 21, 2007

Been Pottering

I have just been to see the latest Harry Potter film. I had a long term plan to see it, but did not expect to go quite this early... However a bored daughter and a rainy afternoon made the decision for me.

We went in the Deluxe screen as she "did not want to sit with the Chavs because they talk and belch all the way through" - her words not mine, so don't have a go at me. I duly forked up a ridiculous amount to go 'posh' only to be sitting by the greatest self proclaimed Harry Potter expert known to man, who talked all the way through! At least there was no belching but there was plenty of rustling as she had bought all her own snacks in super noisy plastic bags. I was not best pleased.

Anyway, the film was good. I enjoyed it. I read the first four books but got very bogged down in the fifth and have to confess to giving up with it. This proved to be a bonus as I had no idea what was going to happen and gave the film an extra edge. Thrills and spills, even a bit of romance. Defense of the Dark Arts teacher was absolutely fabulous. All chintz and boucle twin setts - the most sadistic of them all.

Harry seemed to have turned into a 'Greenwoods' man - by that I don't mean some magical reference to male magic, but he had turned into a bit of a geek. Ganzy and slacks! By far the most fanciable prospect was Lucius Malfoy - is it just me or does he get better with age? Very nice indeed - but then again I am a sucker for the high necked magical robe and long flowing hair. He stole the show. Lunar was lovely too. Ahh, she has to be the potential soul mate for the prematurely old mans fashion victim Potter. She was very lovely actually, and the kind of girl I would have hung out with at school.

I also had a bag of Revels. I was hoping for pic n mix - shrimps and refresher chews being my favourite, but being the posh Delux all the sweeties were in bags. Sooo Revels it was, although there were far too many maltesers and no where near enough orange ones.

I do like the whole Potter thing - it has done a lot to bring all things magical into the mainstream arena, although real witchy magick is not a bit like the stuff in the books. Some bits in Potter have shadows of the truth in there and oh how I wish I could ride a broomstick like they do. The films are also getting darker - I like that. Its worth a watch - and has inspired me to read the last two books!


Chopski said...

I must admit that I've never really got the Potter thing. I read a lot but have never picked up one of the books (except the hundreds we had to deliver today). I do though love revels, appart, of course for the coffee ones, Barf!!

Kahless said...

I am currently on page 403 and won't go to bed until it is all read!

Kahless said...

Book 7 that is!

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

I'll see it sometime on the hols. And buy no 7 sometime as well.

DJ Kirkby said...

QV, I am going to make Chopper take me to this HP movie too, he pretneds to be disintrested but he tags along readily enough...I love coffee Revels.

Queen Vixen said...

Chopski: I read the first four and loved them. Faltered during no 5 and have not read any since, i need to reconnect. I was awash with coffee revels - I can tolerate them but not one after the other. I kept fishing them out - it left a bitter taste.

K: Wow you are dedicated. Dont tell me what happens as I am going to play catch up.

Vi: sounds like a plan.

Dj: Get Chopper off his arse, good idea lol and you two have a great revels compatibility by the sounds of things. Liking different types of choccies is a blueprint for a good relationship. I like all the creams orange, strawberry, and the nougat, marzipan and stuff like that. So all the nuts, caramels and truffles get left.

Böbø said...

Far too many Maltessers? Impossible. The WHOLE tub of Revels ought to be Malteasers if there were any sort of God!

As for Harry, izzzzallwhite

Queen Vixen said...

Well you can have ALL my maltesers Bobo, as long as I can have all the orange ones. Come to think of it they are the only ones I actually like.