Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Honey, I'm Home

I have landed back in the heart of rural England after my fun packed weekend 'down the smoke'. What a weekend it was! Metallica were truly awesome. I have been to some big venues, and seen a lot of live music in my time, Eagles, Elton John, The Police, Duran Duran (at the peak of their power) - but these guys. I am speechless. I will be posting a big 'In praise of Metallica' blog either later on (depending on whether I am knackered after my client tonight) or Thursday. I have pics so it will be worth waiting for.

At the present moment I am just waiting to go and be weighed at Slimming World. My 10lbs weight loss is under threat as I managed to eat

Fish and Chips
Full French meal - on pavement tables in sunny Chiswick
Full english (minus the meat) - thats a big breaky for me
Big chocolate fudge cake plus ice cream in Covent Garden
Packet of Cheese and Onion crisps at Wembley
... and just when I thought I was safe I bought myself an indian takeaway after work last night. Chicken Madras, Bombay Aloo and rice at 10pm is not a great idea when one has to face the Slimming Club the next day.

Sooooo I am waiting with baited breath - but I dont regret any of the indulgence. I had a blast and I am back on the running machine tomorrow so I am not too worried. I promised you bikini pics and I need to be true to my word. In the meantime you will have to be content with the rock chick t shirt pic, if I have the balls to post it!

Wait and see!


Kahless said...

Welcome back!
Glad you had a great time. If I can manage to post a picture of my teeth (!!) then you can have the balls to post the rock chick t shirt pic !!
Go on....

:o) (toothless)

Queen Vixen said...

Ok Ok I will. But it may be thursday - I look like a mad woman and you can see my bra xx

Chopski said...

Sorry! You had a full English without the meat? That's what? A salad!
Also, now I have a vision in my mind of Slimming World. A theme park for people of an ample persuasion (who said I wasn't PC?). Might be a money spinner!!

Queen Vixen said...

Cheeky Chopski! Salad indeed. Full vegetarian english is scrambled egg, mushrooms, beans, possibly hash brown, fried tomato, waffles, toast. Choice aplenty. Who needs sausage?

Slimming World has its fair share of ample lasses, I do seem to be the thinnest there, but they are a good laugh. Theme park for those of ample persuasion - i thought thats what Disney World was for. (sharp intake of breath) hehehe

DJ Kirkby said...

Cheeky Chopski, how hilarious, you ar enot wrong there. Your food filled weekend sounds lush and I am looking forward to your pics of yourself as a bra displaying, tee shirted mad woman.

Queen Vixen said...

dj: I will post tomorrow. Its not a particularly pretty sight but I have promised now.