Friday, July 13, 2007

"And Nothing Else Matters"

I am sitting at my computer. There is a gentle drizzle on the window pane, and I would get up and make myself a cup of tea but I have a kitten stretched out on my lap and he is so comfortable that it would be a shame to move him. Soooo here I am about to write about Metallica.

I went to London last weekend to see the Gods of Rock themselves. I was first introduced to Metallica when I went back to work after raising my kids to a suitable age (where not having mom around was not too traumatic). There were two completely hilarious youths in the office who played their metal music loud and proud. (It was an Internet web company which meant office discipline was pretty much non existent). I was very taken with the music, and enjoyed my time reliving my missing teenage hood in the company of these two young men. It was the best time ever! lol

When my own son hit 16 he adopted the Heavy Rock persona with gusto. Having already been au fait with Korn, Limp Biscuit, Rob Zombie and Metallica it was not too much of a struggle to live life to a rifftastic musical background. In fact it becomes somewhat addictive, where anything that does not have a bass line that vibrates your ribcage is just for girls.

I digress, on Sunday night Metallica played Wembly Stadium. The show started at 4.30 with the various support acts (Mastodon - great!, Machine Head - fantastic! and Him - who had a really bad reception but were actually very good) and the Main Men hit the stage later on in the evening. What a show it was! I have been to many gigs - big names, big stars and was so close to Sting at a Police gig once that I saw him wink at me and we exchanged a 'silent' conversation. But this ....My goodness, this was something else.

The atmosphere was fantastic. The music was SO LOUD. The sense of belonging and common purpose was powerful. In fact a Metallica or indeed any kind of big venue rock concert is my prescription for anyone suffering from a 'don't belong' and 'don't enjoy' toxic parent message. It was amazing. I shouted, I danced, I joined in all the chants - I exorcised my mother - it was an incredible experience.

The Band did not put a foot wrong, they were consumate proffessionals. There was not a note out of place. It was big stadium rock at its best. From the opening big screen video clip and evocative soundtrack (from the grave scene in The Good, the Bad and The Ugly) to the final moment when the band stood arm in arm and saluted the crowd, it was a truimph! The musicianship was breathtaking, the star quality was off the scale, the intimacy was truly unbelievable. I am still in a daze.

All the band were brilliant but I want to mention James Hetfield. If ever there was a man who embodied the energy of the Horned God its him. Sex on legs, and he is well over 40 too! He was captivating. To watch him move, the fire in his limbs - it was a whole out of body experience. He was a man in total control of himself and the 90,000 strong crowd. It was electrifying. He had supreme confidence and self belief, it was magical to watch. God energy! Masculine force! It felt good to have a philosophy such as mine with which to frame the experience. Wow it felt good!

There is time for responsibility, and worthiness. There is time to be humble and to travel the inner path of serenity, but the physis - or energy of the soul, the sheer passion of the human spirit needs a run out too, and that gig on Sunday was such a brilliant way to do it. Liberating!

There is no sound like the deep throated roar of so many people. None of us wanted to leave. It felt as if the night could last forever, that we could hold that moment in time and be free, expressive, invigorated. Of course we had to leave but
travelling back across London was a fitting end to a wonderful day. All of us were packed onto the train, never seen so many piercings in one place, the camaraderie and common purpose gave me a warm glow - even the family room at the Travel Lodge seemed like a palace!

Long live Metallica!


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

FANTASTIC!!!! Love the photo of your son!

Kahless said...


I'm so glad you had fun and ENJOYED youself.

Give Lewis a stroke behind the ear from me.

Queen Vixen said...

Vi: Yes it was. I am still on a high - have passed complements to my son.

K: I did, I did - it was great to be in the moment and let it all go. Lewis has been duly stroked.

Pixie said...

I loathe heavy metal, but you made it sound sooo exciting I wished I'd been there. Wonderful words.

Thanks for earlier, you are a wonderful friend.

Kahless said...


Wednesday 25th July BBC2 at 9pm!!!!

DJ Kirkby said...

Metallica are in no way at all appealing to me but my Gods I loved reading this post! Full of happy energy.

Böbø said...

Sounds like you had a hot time being a cool headbanging rock-chick mum.

Strangely, you don't mention any (ahem) dreams you might of had after the concert ;-)

Kahless said...

About time for another post qv don't you think? !!

Queen Vixen said...

Pixie: No problem, thats what friends are for

Kahless: The date is booked in my diary. Thanks for that.

DJ: Thanks, I really appreciate that. The energy was amazing. Sounds like I managed to convey it successfully.

Bobo: No dreams as far as I can recall. If there are any subsequent interesting ones I shall let you know. Dreams are the royal road to the subconscious .... Jung I think, so dreams are always important.

Kahless: Yes I will write a quickie now, I have been away all weekend, and recovering yesterday. Horrid sales meeting in a minute but I shall do my best to write something. It may not be usual sparkly standard lol