Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well I am too knackered to do the Metallica blog but I will post this short one to introduce my kitten Lewis. Ahhh bless. He is the friendliest little thing and completely adorable, although the sardine breath aint too clever!

ps. I only put on half a pound so I am well chuffed!


Pixie said...

OH he's soo sweet, I want one...
Welcome back babe.
I'll look forward to catching up soon as long as I don't have to listen to any Metallica!!!

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Very cute! Well done on half the pound, but remember you ate it over the weekend, and may not show up straight away. It may come and bite you on the butt next week! So be as strict as you can this week. (Sorry, can't help myself giving advice on diet, it's my life!)

Kahless said...

Oh bless. Cool name too.

Kahless said...

p.s. Do they really measure in the 1/2 pounds?

(Should have gone to the loo first, then you would have been ok.)


DJ Kirkby said...

Soooo sweet. Now I remember how we ended up with two grumpy elderly cats!

Lynn said...

This little kitten has the most amazingly beautiful eyes! How lovely.

Queen Vixen said...

Pix: He is sooo sweet and the pic does not do justice to his size. He is teeny tiny and can sit in my cupped hands. Metallica free zone next time we meet - scouts honour.

Vi: You are so right - oh yes indeed, and I know that I have to work extra hard on the running machine to make sure it doesnt.

K: Yep they do, its intense isnt it, and Lewis is wonderful and thanks for the kiss chase thing too!

Dj: I have one grumpy older cat - cant believe that Lewis will ever transform into such a beast. Denial is a wonderful thing.

Lynn: Welcome. He has got lovely eyes. The full adorableness does not truly come over on pic.