Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Moaning about Essays

As Sponge Bob Squarepants famously said - "its a lovely day for writing an essay". (Not) Grizzle, grizzle, moan, winge .....

Assignment girl

Writing assignments sucks! I am a hermit at the moment. Living my lonely little life shuffling into my office and sitting in front of my computer, hollow eyes, ashen skin - having to dredge up worthy words to satisfy my University Masters. Oh grizzly! What a fate - and it serves me right. I have saved up my work until the last 6 weeks of my course. I have ignored all the time I had to write at my own pace, to do my research over years and months. I swapped that for this drudgery. Play now - Pay later! Thats my motto and boy am I forking up big style now.

I have two assignments to go - then preparation for my oral, then 4 years of learning journals in retrospect - eeek! Oh Queeny why do you do it to yourself!

I suspect I love the thrill of being a hero; of being able to swagger about and say, "well I wrote 6 assignments in 6 weeks!" with the psychological message of "I am a bloody genius (I bet you couldnt do it)". How shallow that little triumph now seems as I divert attention from my task by writing this blog - such is the horror of the essay title.

Outside the spring bursts forth, life is luxuriating in itself. The sun shines, the lambs bleat, the trees blossom and I am stuck inside dredging up case illustrations to justify each of my identified therapeutic purposes!

Hey ho - got to be done, not long till the strutting in triumph.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I did nothing today. Zilch, zip - bugger all! Idled about in bed till about 10am, went into Derby for a cooked breakfast. Did a bit of shopping, came home and went to sleep.

Went running, then cooked a meal and finally did do a bit of work (saw a client - why does that always sound so dodgy?) Have faffed about on t'internet since 9pm. About to go to bed. Its not good!

Tomorrow I hope to be more productive. Just seem to be stuck at the moment, I need a good kick up the arse. Even big grown up exams can't inspire me to be worthy.

Just want to be rebellious, listen to loud music and scuffle under my duvet. Help!

Sorry for the silence

My computer has been poorly and I have had to have it completely reconfigured; a grizzly business which has meant that all my programmes have been wiped out. My software has gone missing and I cannot do even half of the things I used to do.

What is more my loyal subjects have been really miffed, no Queenie to entertain - maybe that is a slight exaggeration, only the one has actually complained. So I am back - and I will endeavour to be far more prolific. My blog shy behaviour, apart from the computer issue, has been down to having to write assignments and prepare for a big post grad exam which is scheduled for early October. Plenty of time I hear you say, well its not so there!

My next post will be about Beltaine, recent festival - May 1st. Lots of passion, lots of sex, lots of fire. Think May poles, green men and general Wicker manesque behaviour. Great fun!