Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thomas Dolby - I am an 80's chick after all

Now I have an hours drive to work I am playing all of my Cd's in order. I am finding it such a good experience. I play one from the beginning of the alphabet then one from the end (anal I know - blush!) then one of Bobo's Cd's that he so lovingly burns for me from time to time.

At the moment its Evanescence and Tangerine Dream with an Ambient Trance vol II. However .... it WAS Thomas Dolby. I was a little reluctant at first but then ... oh my goodness. I was transfixed. I was back to sixth form - Sarah Ferguson hair ribbons, ra ra skirts and new romantics. Bliss! The point at which I was too frightened to be fully me ... but now ... revisiting from a place of power - orgasmic! - nostalgia ... oh yes!

Thomas was the epitome of it all. Europa and the Pirate Twins, One of our Submarines and the evocative Airwaves which had it had had a love song lyric would have been one of the all time greats. I wouldn't change it though .... augmented fifths a plenty to the literary backdrop of pylons and urban isolation. Pass me my curling tongs and off the shoulder number. Wonderful stuff!

I was a science chick - biology, chemistry AND physics A grade at O level, AND at A level. Oh Thomas ... who extolled the virtues of the brainy girl. My hero!

Vive la 80's and amen to teenage angst and passion!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Solstice

I watched the sun rise today. It was wonderful. As I look out at the drizzle and the lack of light now, it is hard to believe that the dawn was clear, bright and dry.

I got up at 4am - made a cup of tea and read a little then ventured outside at about 4.30 and stayed outside until the sun rose above the horizon. The Sun - element of Fire - the powerhouse of life itself. Its energy photons are what sustain us all. The plants convert it into a usable form and then the energy travels up the food chain. Upon death the plants fertilise the next generation through returning the energy to the soil - and over vast ages that energy gets stored in fossil fuels - the blood and bones of the planet. How reckless of man to chop down the very means by which we live and to burn up, plunder and squander the vast store houses of energy that have been laid down for millions of years.

Reckless indeed.

As I sat and watched the roseate glow on the horizon,the light growing ever stronger, I observed a plane fly across the sky. How ironic - man and his greed, his need for more than is needed to live, love and be happy. There was the epitome of wastefulness; burning fuel and belching out fumes just at the moment the source of life was rising on the longest day in our Northern hemisphere - smiling down on our beautiful, fragile planet.

The birdsong was joyful and plaintive - do you know that rooks caw three times in a row. I didn't until I sat and observed. My cats were thrilled to have me outside so early - they frolicked on the grass and sensed the excitement and the reverence.

The sun rose. I delivered my salutation and was humbled by my smallness. I asked for a Blessing and offered my energy in return. I vowed to preserve as much energy as I could. Stop boiling kettles for cups of tea that then don't get made, turn off the lights when not needed, recycle and buy recycled goods, share lifts. Small offerings made in gratitude.

Solstice Blessings!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bring on the Fire

Only one client today. I turned down two others - it was entirely for self protection. I have to contain the paperwork monster and its becoming clear that a day a week is minimum requirement to keep from being dragged off by said monster and kept in a dungeon.

I had a client phone up last night - she wanted at least half an hour free therapy on the phone. I had had a drink so I was not able to oblige. I had a client get rather irritated when I refused to do an hour and a half session at 6pm tonight. (making my finishing time 7.30) - even though I explained that I really do not have the energy or resources to work that late on a Friday (I am fried). I also had a client leave a number of messages wanting to turn up at lunch time today to be squeezed in. Again I said no - I had plans to catch up. I do find it hard to say no but am learning that no one is going to say no for me (or rescue me from my own helpfulness) so I have to do it for myself.

I am also attempting to make my experience a little more of a soul satisfying experience. I get rather depressed in clinical reality and have to have something a little spiritual to be able to breathe and feel ok. So just before I tackle the pile I am popping out to get a 'Fire' candle to burn in my study. It is the Solstice tomorrow and for me this marks the end of the realm of Air - logic, thought and academic endeavour and into the new era of Fire - passion, inspiration, action and productivity. So I am going to get a bright red candle and light it, and invite its dancing flame to inspire me to greater productivity and inspirational achievement.

Catch you later!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

So missed this

Hello, hello, hello. So missed blogging. I really have. So good to be doing it again. I love being creative and have to say that Tony inspired me today - he has started following me on Twitter. Now there is another little something that I have been neglecting - so thanks Graffiti, your little smidgen of attention has worked wonders :o)

Things are OK for me at the moment but I have been neglecting my friends. I have been so caught up in all the hoops I have to pass through to be recognised as a competent human being that I have lost touch with everyone.

So my apologies you wonderful people. I really value being part of networks. I so love everyones'individuality, the special things ... the nuances of character.

In fact I may indulge in a little Boboesque stroke fest of all of you on my blog roll - because you are all ace! I am feeling all loved up and happy.

I am going to a festival too ... first time so its just a Saturday day pass but its a step forward. Life is soooo good! I feel like I am finally where I should have been, the road less travelled worked out Ok in the end.

Love you all!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Admin week is over - woo hoo!

Its done - its all sorted!

That means its not really done but its all arranged into pretty paper folders with 'to do' lists relevant to each folder inserted in the front cover.

Phew! What a relief.

I have managed to do a lot too - got lots of niggly jobs done - I know where I am and its a satisfying feeling.

I am also aware of what a tedious madam I have become on this blog. Must reconnect to a bit of proper Queeny - start debating some spiritual issues etc

However my Faerie guide this new moon was quite clear - GET THE BLOODY JOBS DONE THEN PLAY!

That's not really my Script pattern - I like having fun first then paying a heavy price - but I have buckled down (winged, moaned and bewailed my fate) and have done it. I feel all fresh and sparkly! Will be even more sparkly soon as I have a Lush glittery bath ballistic to use - it promises to contain a silver butterfly inside its fizzing glory.

I shall let you know!

I am taking my African Shaman into the bath with me - not literally of course (damn it) but in literary form. Malidoma Patrice Some - check out his writing, it is exquisite; really moving stuff about the clash of culture. Its sounds heavy but somehow its not - the human spirit soars from its pages and his reverence for the earth, its spirit and manhood is breathtaking.

Manhood is currently a big topic for me - so many lost young men come to me seeking help (psychologically) and there is work to be done in empowering men again, empowering them to be true men with strength, sensitivity and spiritual wisdom.

I shall debate it more - at least that last little paragraph was a tad more interesting than my organisational exploits.

Take care y'all! xxx