Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Quick Check In

I am trying desperately to write. My new kitten, Lewis, is trying desperately to stop me. The lap top has become the ultimate challenge for him. I have a lovely inviting lap he could sit on, but no - the computer key board is far more enticing. As a result my last two posts have been disappeared by a tiny paw on the esc key. I am persisting however and just need to say that I have nearly finished my last assignment. The body of the text is all done, and now I am slotting in a few transcripts and making last amendments.

Therefore I am blogging - cant have it all done now can we? I am aware of my process and this temporary need to share myself and so distract myself ceases in 10 minutes when i take a very sharp psychic stick to my avoidant arse and complete it all.

Just as I was musing on this and watching Lewis savaging a little Bagpuss that I have, it occured to me that I cannot watch Bagpuss (the old tv childrens series) without crying. It always happens, no matter how adult I feel, how together I am when it comes to that last bit when it fades into black and white I am off. Tears streaming down my face, and a huge wave of yearning and sadness. Sadness at the beauty of it, why I should be sad i dont know. Its when the narrator, the late great Oliver Postgate says "He was just an old saggy cloth cat, baggy and a bit loose at the seams ... but Emily loved him" - there I go, I am off - yep, eyes all prickly with tears. I really am hopeless when it comes to Bagpuss - but maybe that absolutely fundamental belief I have in Love, no matter how moth eaten we may become love in the soul of someone, in the spirit, in the bad and the good - the whole picture, is so precious to me it touches something very deep. Or maybe I am just a big softie!

Ho hum, back to the essay

Love to you all


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Good luck with the essay!

If you want access to my private blog, you'll need to email me.


I'll also reply in my comment box the link to my rampant rabbit review for you!

Queen Vixen said...

Cheers Vi, the mystery of the Rabbit is about to be exploded, and hopefully so will I ;o)

Kahless said...

I never remembered the narrators name as Oliver Postgate(I wouldn't have paid attention to that mind you), but I can sure still hear his voice if I shut my eyes. The meandering tones; kind of comforting.
Can't say the story-line did it for me though; not enough action - too slow! Hong Kong Fuey was more my scene!

DJ Kirkby said...

I have never watched Bagpuss. Must add that to my list of things to do. Good luck with your assignment.

Pixie said...

The Soup Dragon did for me on the Clangers. Same wonderful sonerous voice.

But Bagpuss is also very lovely.

i'll send you new number when i get phone sorted tomorrow

Queen Vixen said...

K: Hong Kong Fuey - yep good one. That Janice, do you remember her?

DJ: Bagpuss rocks! Assignment finished - cheers.

Pixie: Dont get me started on Clangers. I love the clangers, especially the froggletts. Never seen the Sky Moos though. Time for me pills ....

Queen Vixen said...

and the Hoots, aww the Hoots were wonderful, music tree, glow buzzers, ...Ok time for a lie down

Anonymous said...

Hi QV. You have a new kitten, how lovely. I think I will get one too, when I am more settled. H xx

Anonymous said...

Ah, man,.. now I'm gonna have "Hong Kong Fuey, number one super guy," song in my head forever. C:)

Queen Vixen said...

"Hong Kong Fuey, faster than the human eye"

Been singing it since Tuesday.

Queen Vixen said...

H: The kitten is the sweetest thing you ever did see. Tiniest cat in the world. I adore him. Can highly recommend feline fun.