Friday, July 06, 2007

Wemberley!!! Wemberley!!!

I am off to London tomorrow for a riotous weekend of rock music and decadence (well its a family room in a travel lodge actually but it still counts). It is a welcome relief from assignmentitis which by the way, ahem - cough, just a moment "YYYYEEEEEE HAAAAAA" I have finished all 8 of the bloody things. I am free, free, freee - until the oral in October but its done .....

OK back to the weekend, Metallica - Gods of Rock. I love 'em. Never really done metal, I was a Duran Duran girl in my youth - and most of my listening involves progressive stuff or banks of synthesisers or Mike Oldfield - who I adore. Bless him! What an intelligent creative sensitive genius he is. Tubular Bells is my all time favourite piece of music and it is my absolute life time goal have sex to athe musical background of Tubular Bells and manage to cum just at the moment the bells get struck!

Sorry, I got sidetracked again, yes metal, since my son became a rock god all by himself I have got used to the heavy tones of metal, death metal, progressive metal, emo tunes (spit! - son scorns them but I like some of it), rap metal - metal metal metal, but there is no beating Metallica. I like the bloke with the beard - and the drummer is a fellow scandinavian - brings the whole European thing into the mix. I like the earthy driving beat, and rock fans are such pussies. The sweetest bunch of big kids out there. I have never once felt intimidated in the company of heavy rock fans.

Soooooo I am really going to lose myself in the spectacle and let the driving bass and the guitar riffs take me someplace else - a welcome relief to the last few months of self inflicted torture.

Take care and dont do anything I wouldnt do - that gives you a lot of scope!

I shall be back online on Tuesday - and if youre good I will tell you all about it ;0)


Kahless said...

Have a GREAT Time!

The new Wembley is great (been twice now) but be warned, food inside is expensive.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so reminded of college ski trips. Every time it would snow, preferably a blizzard, a metal head buddy and I would hop in his Jeep CJ-7 at 5am and make the three hour trip to A-Basin, which is on the continental divide east of Denver. If it was snowing we went regardless of classes or tests or whatnot... Anthrax and Metalica blasting my ears out the entire trip. If I asked him to turn it down he would just get this sinister look in his eye and say "No! I'm driving." and i would have to laugh. Whatever, I was going to spend the day skiing. C:)

DJ Kirkby said...

Have a great time, I will be busy putting my muse through his paces tonight as I need inspiration for a new story to write! *heh, heh, heh*

Böbø said...

Hope you'll be all gothed up, cloak and dark make-up and stuff. Enjoy banging ... your head, obviously.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Have a ROCKING time mate! Looking forward to hearing how it was!

Chopski said...

You're having oral on October! Will that be to the sound of Tubular Bells Too?

Queen Vixen said...

K: The food is expensive, thats why I only had a bag of crisps. Two rounds of drinks and said crisps came to £20!!! It was great though, really awesome.

C: Metallica and snow. Quite a combination - no wonder its etched on your brain. Sounds great, Craig - sums up freedom!

dj: I have yet to work out what you do, not having read any profiles whatsoever but my guess is an erotic writer. Hope the Muse was up to the job, nice and perky and able to deliver ;0) The Metallica gig had that much testosterone sloshing about it was enough to make a girl go weak at the knees. Send your muse for a top up if he fails to perform.

B: I contemplated the whole goth look, I have enough dresses but opted for a jeans and t-shirt look. Found a suitable Zeplin one in a shop. Next time I will go for the full regalia.

Vi: Thanks - full details shortly.

Chop: With two examiners, one male one female and a big burly fellow performer my jaw is really going to ache.... With all the talking of course - worthy theory and contempory insight. Background music unlikely ;o)