Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mad Woman

There seems to be a call from various quarters for me to take my life in my hands and post the pic of me at the Metallica concert.

I did warn you it was not a pretty sight! Please be gentle - no wicked comments you lot, and remember I do still have 14 pounds to lose.

Tomorrow you get the full majesty of the concert including some pics of the kids - they are a lot prettier.


Kahless said...

Nah, don't believe you need to lose a stone.

And I love Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven.

Great photo. You have a kind face.


Anonymous said...

But, your not banging your head with your hair flying all about??? C;)

Chopski said...

In your previous post you said about all the food you ate. You must have been hungry as you seem to have eaten four of your fingers!!

Queen Vixen said...

K: I do, I do - but will take it slow, and hitch up my bloody bra straps after looking at this picture! The curse of a large bosom is constantly fighting gravity.

Craig: I didnt bang my head once, I simply adapted my usual dancing style - a cross between belly and pole dancing lol - to match the driving bass and awsome riffs.

Chopski: Well it was less painful than paying wembly prices for chicken and chips.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Ahhh, you look great!!!!!!

Queen Vixen said...

Cheers Vi! Back on the diet big style now, and contemplating eating the cat who is beginning to look remarkably like a chicken leg.

Böbø said...

Looking trim Queen honey :)

Crazed, but trim :)

Queen Vixen said...

Bobo: Thanks Mr Bobo - getting trimmer all the time