Thursday, July 19, 2007

Guilty Secrets

I have had an indulgent afternoon. I went to sleep with Lewis in the crook of my arm. Such bliss! Then I woke up with a stiff neck and we went to see what we could find in the fridge.

Let me explain - I was boiling a pan for the 'worthy' pasta and Lewis wanted to explore the delights of the kitchen so I got to thinking about the 12 pack of Doritos in the cupboard. From the Doritos I quickly went to the fridge to see if I could find a dip. Oh joy! There was a fresh pot of guacamole and a whole Camembert cheese. Well I fished out the pot of jalapeno chillies as well and Lewis and I amused ourselves crunching on the various delicacies.

After all that delicious naughtiness I had a look in the bottle fridge. Since I gave up alcohol its usually full of spring water, cokes and lager (for male members of house) but Blessed Be - what should be lurking in the back of the fridge but a beautiful, seductive, sensuous brown bottle of organic premium west country cider.

I love cider - the more scrumpy like and real it is the better. Wooden press and everything. Deep in the West country, brewed in wooden vats with things living in the sludge at the bottom that would defy micro biology. And the effect - well, relaxed is not the word. Receptive is more like it. Cider is to be drunk in hay fields with a willing partner, and warm nights of pleasure promised with every whisper of the playful breeze. Oooohhh cider - its fantastic!

The words 'addict' and 'fix' spring to mind when describing the haste with which I located the bottle opener, suppressed the 'noooooo' voice and gulped down the cloudy liquid. Aaaagggghhhh! I've gone all shivery at the thought.

Just a few mouthfuls and now its tucked away with cling film and foil (best way to retain the fizz 'thanks Pixie') awaiting my next sin laden moment of surrender.

As of now the wholewheat pasta is boiling away and my roasted veg sauce about to be consumed. Maybe if I try really hard and pretend I never did it, it wont have ever happened. Yeh right - tried that one before!


DJ Kirkby said...

Yuuuuuuum! I love scrumpy, the kind that is so cloudy you can just about taste a hint of hay and other added ingredients... Did Lewis eat the peppers? Our oldest cat loves jalepeno cheese!

Kahless said...

Sounds like you had a really wonderful day.

I don't drink Cider as it makes me loopy.

Queen Vixen said...

Dj: Am enjoying a further glass and its mellow man! lol Lewis had a lick of the jalapeno but did not venture past that. He was happy enough with the doritos and the cheese. Maybe the jalapeno cheese is the way forward.

K: Shame you cant enjoy the benefits of lovely cider oooh arrrgh. It is pretty strong and does not agree with everyone. Whats your favourite tipple?

Kahless said...

Bacardi. I have a real sweet tooth it appeals to. In fact I am sipping one right now!

Queen Vixen said...

Bacardi is ace. Favourite mixer is coke and being on a diet, then diet coke works well for me - although I have given it up, well not tonight but I have really!

Kahless said...

Yep, Bacardi and Diet Coke (no lemon though.)

Pixie said...

You are a bad girl!!!
But scrumpy cider is just fab, so not surprising.
What does Lewis think of cider?

Queen Vixen said...

K: bacardi and diet coke is the dogs! I do like the lemon though.

Pix: Lewis had a lick of the cider - I am teaching him bad ways, he is getting very attuned to me. Good thing for a familiar to do hehehe