Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wizards Staff

I've got a staff - a real magic Wizard's Staff, its got a knob on the end and everything... and before any of you say it, I have NOT got a Wizard's Sleeve, heaven forbid (shudder)

A wizard's staff has a knob on the end
It never will buckle, it never will bend
He cherishes it, and he calls it his friend,
and he frequently takes it in hand.

I went out to jolly old Sainsbury's this morning and when I got back there was a tall and upstanding parcel leaning against my door. I know it is usual to have parcels containing shoes or books but mine had a beautiful silver birch wiccan staff in it. Fab!

A wizard when young has a staff that is small.
It's puny and weak, ineffective withal.
It grows with his power until it stands tall
As his fame and his glory expand

It was my gift to me for losing another 4lbs in weight. It goes with my wand, which is rowan, and is now standing proud behind my altar to the male force (conveniently placed by my bed) ready to leap into action should any Balrogs try to cross my bridge.

When a wizard is old, and is starting to fade
He looks on his staff that with cunning he made
The crown of his life and the tool of his trade
And together they make their last stand.

I am extraordinarily pleased with my purchase and also pleased to have both wand and staff - symbols of the element of Fire; for passion, inspiration and action. Cant wait to have a proper fiddle with it - a good bit of wielding can be very satisfying.


DJ Kirkby said...

Ahem...the knob on your staff looks remarkably like a knob...or is that just my filthy mind?

Kahless said...

Yep DJ you hit the nail on the head.

Queen Vixen said...

It is very knobish - thats why I got it lol fire is a male energy. So knobs are entirely appropriate. My kids have had such fun with it, there is a lot to be said for the visual knob joke

Pixie said...

well either a knob or one of those strange mushrooms, or is that just me?

Joe said...

Nope it's a Knob nob... Kinky !!!

Queen Vixen said...

Pix and Joe (Welcome!) Its a knob - for definate. A rather slender shaft but an unmistakable knob. Although the mushroom motif is a useful one depending on the company.

toop said...

wUt? Yr thing looks like a dingaling lol/

Charlemagne said...

I'd love to feel that thing inside of me does it cast the orgasm spell lol?