Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Positive Experience

Hello all you wonderful people out there. I have appreciated all your support over the last couple of days after my 'bad do' on Sunday.

Today I had an entirely different experience - entirely postive - it has restored my faith in supervision and in my own abilities as a therapist, and dare I say it, as a Supervisor! I am finding that I am slipping comfortably into the role of Supervisor with members of my group, indeed my Principle Supervisor has already told me that I need to aim for this as my next goal. Not that I have an Almost Type II Script, oh no no, of course not (shuffle) - Almost Type II means that you never stay long enough in one place to enjoy success, because success is not allowed, so instead you move quickly to the next goal and are forever climbing mountains.

Anyway, today I found the group totally supportive, we actually did Treatment Planning (shock!), Case Studies (gasp!), and Structured Study (faint!). In other words, what we should be doing as opposed to navel gazing, disecting every little nuance of behaviour, and destroying each others confidence. Sooooo, hip hip hooray for my fabby fab fab Supervisor, and wonderfully professional and decent group members. Hoorays all round. Especially for my Supervisor who reckons we should all stop being so f**king precious and get on with life. He also commended me for having a cider hang over saying that I am far 'too good' for my own good. Moi? Too Good????!! Maybe he is right hehehe. I need far more bad behaviour!

So there you are, I feel so much better, cheers guys!


Böbø said...

You are too good, you heartbreaker! Or you keep your badness too well hidden ;-)

You need to out yourself. Get rid of those last 17th century aspects of your repressed goody-two shoes life and be more outrageously yourself!

You're a huge personality who deserves a big life: go take it.

And yes, isn't it fab when someone restores your faith in the process, and tells you to be bad too!


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Glad to hear you are feeling so positive, Queen. You deserve to!

Kahless said...

Ditto to Ms Vooom's comments.

Kahless said...

Oh, and I hope you remembered that heroes was on tonight :o)

Anonymous said...

What if a person only stays long enough to succeed, because they like to succeed and get really bored after the success? What if a person shows up fixes a problem and then leaves, because that is what they like to do? Is that Almost Type II?

But, then I suppose there is a difference between moving on and running away. C:)

Glad to hear your doing well.

Queen Vixen said...

Bobo: Thank you, what lovely strokes. I enjoy life, and its more a case of giving myself permission to have more of what I want instead of being too knackered to enjoy it or organise anything. Yes having ones faith restored is good.

Vi: Cheers vi, I am a generally positive sort of gal

K: Thanks K, and yes I recorded heroes last night. I am half way through episode two, just off to watch it now. I am intrigued and enjoying it. I should be blogging later as I am going on hols tomorrow so have to say goodbye! So its heroes, ironing, quick bath and then blog. Had a client tonight - not the best idea with a holiday to prepare for xxx

Queen Vixen said...

Thanks Craig - and I agree, there is a difference. The Almost Type II is about out of conscious awareness choices which can be unproductive. What you are describing seems like consious choices and are therefore autonomous. in the end, if it aint broke dont fix it, thats my philosophy