Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fond Farewell

Phew! What a day! I go on holiday tomorrow for two weeks and I have worked right up until the last moment. As I type, I am sitting up in bed with my lap top, squeezing in this last message before I go.

I am really going to miss my blog - and you my blog chums. I need the rest but I reckon I will have to cope with 'cold turkey' for the first few days. I do have my phone though, (will have to have some technology and contact with the outside world), and I will send the odd twitter by text - I have no delusions about you all logging on to read my twitter but I shall amuse myself with it none the less.

I am going to Wales. I know its not exotic, or warm or abroad, but I like Pembrokeshire - I like Wales in general, its the celtic stuff that appeals, as well as the oldest European language in existance. It is also a very spiritual place, the energy is wonderful. I intend to visit an iron age encampment, go on a boat trip to the off shore islands, go riding, visit the Preselli hills (where the Stonehenge Bluestones came from), the rock does wierd things to my pendulum and the kids experience wierd, cool hippy witchy Mom pride and 'I am not with this woman' embarrasment.

It will also be Lammas while I am away so I am taking my earthy green dress, and promise to sneak it into the iron age fort and get some pics. I think the kids will deffinately be in 'I am not with this woman' mode on that day.

I will go cliff walking, visit some cromlechs, go wierdy shopping and hopefully come back rested and tanned (pardon me while I laugh ironically) and ready for the next part of my adventure. I am taking a whole bag of books, and intend to read, to chill, to make lists and get everything sorted in my head. A tall order but with some fairly harsh boundary setting and ignoring the requests for my usual 'holiday camp' style of manic activity I will get a lot done. A lot of chilling, a lot of thinking, a lot of doing absolutely bugger all. Oh yes and I am taking my 'Why am I so disorganised' book - so that I can come back a changed woman.

Right, I think thats about it for tonight. Dont forget me while I am gone and I shall tell you all about it when I get back, plus pics!

Love you all and Blessed Be!


Kahless said...

Hope you have a FABULOUS holiday my blogfriend. Methinks you deserve it.

Dont forget to pack your umbrella and dont forget to set Heroes up to record in your absence!

Queen Vixen said...

Kahless!! Fab, your here. I am just logging off but great to get your last gasp message. Heroes was ace, and there is a telly where I am going to and unless they put on 'poebly cum' (not some dodgy welsh porn but a grizzly soap opera) at 9pm on wednesday I shall continue to enjoy it. I cannot even work out our entertainment system let alone preprogramme. (major respect) I like getting wet! its a good job ;o)xxx

Kahless said...

Part of my ancestory in Welsh. Oh and I can spell my name in Welsh you know. :o)

Böbø said...

For your [charming] disorganisation, I suggest Get Everything Done - though that does sound a bit exhausting for me.

As for the rest, just let yourself relax into yourself and enjoy.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Have a great time, and can't wait to see the photos when you get back!

Kahless said...

Missing you Vixen;
I hope you are having a good holiday.

DJ Kirkby said...

Hope you are having a great time. Looking forward to reading all about your hol.

Pixie said...

Welcome home hon, I've missed you loads, see post!
See you soon as!
love you
pix x

Queen Vixen said...

Hi Guys I am back and will reply to your comments here (thank you all - blush!) and will post later on. I have material to last me a good month! and I have pics!

K: Welsh ancestry is well cool!

Bobo: I have relaxed and allowed my natural organised self to emerge from the exhaustion. Got a lot of stuff sorted out including proper structure for my working week.

Vi: Thanks! I had a fabulous time, the weather helped and I am all brown now which I am rather proud of, gothic white being my usual shade.

K: Missed you too K, I thought about you and all my blog chums too. Cant wait to get back in touch proper.

dj: thanks dj, as I say - there is lots of material. I have been itching to write.

Pix: Thanks Pixie, and glad to keep in touch by text! Sounds like you are having a great time too! Enjoy yourself xx

Kahless said...

Hope you had a great holiday.
I am replying to the comment you left on mine.
A solution would be for you to set up a hotmail or yahoo mail account. They are free and you can call yourself whatever you like. Then just email me; my address is on my profile.

DJ Kirkby said...

Hi QV, why not let Kahless post her questions for you in a comment box on your blog? (I've just said similar on Kahless's comments and then realsied it would make more sense to come over here and say it...der) Or set up an anonymous email as she advised? Very simple and comes in handy!

Anonymous said...

Hey QV, hope you had a wonderful time in the sun when it was warm enough (ish) to swim in the sea, eat a sly ice cream or three and build sandcastles on the beach.

Anonymous said...

And my Child is saying, "God, she must be back from holiday by nooooow! Send her a comment and see if she wants to come out and play, she's so much fun." lol.

Anonymous said...

"And if I keep tugging at her long, velvety, witchy dress sleeves for long enough, she's bound to notice sooner or later." lol

Queen Vixen said...

K and DJ: Thanks for the solutions - I will get onto it tomorrow. Got catch up business today with clients later on.

Hull: Awww, thats sweet - and I am meaning to post, in fact the holiday will keep me in posts for a long time lol I ended up being out for far longer than anticipated on Sunday and today has been catch up with paperwork, urgent stuff etc. Tomorrow should see the return of QV xx