Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hey guys - the sun has come out

Quick you might miss it - the sun is shining. I am contemplating going outside and lying on the lawn. Wow! and its only July! OK, so I am blogging and not out in the sun, but I still have my strappy top and shorts on, so its a step in the right direction. Plus my sunglasses are on the desk ready for a spot of garden reading.

What a miserable fish pond, sodden, mud puddle of a Summer. I don't usually do weather stuff - its just 'past timing' and therefore not even approaching intimacy - but today I feel inspired to comment.

My kitten also ventured out today - he was captivated by the grass, and the little flies and all the gorgeous smells of Summer(ish). Once the lawn mower started he ran at 100 miles an hour into the glass of the patio doors. Bless! All is well and he is on my lap as I tap the keyboard.

I am hoping to blog later. I have a massage client - so will be suitably relaxed and I want to do a worthy post on Transference. May even do a bit on why we get attracted to the people that we do. For Phhhhooooaaarrr read "I can do my script with you". Not sure whether its best to run the other way or dive in for the ride. I love the whole chemistry of attraction - the endless interaction of the subconscious and all that we really know about each other but never say. I also learned over the weekend that the root word for Eros - or erotic love is 'the life force'. Well Amen to that, it energises and invigorates and is just peachy.

So there you are, I can feel an urge to keep blogging but the sun is shining and I just cannot ignore it.

Oh yes there is one thing more, I pick an angel card every week to give me an insight into the energy that may be around for me. I don't do Angels by and large - too many organised religious overtones (you know how totally sensitive I am about that - 'Thou Shalt Not' being the watchword of my childhood) but I like my little angel cards, and this week it was Courage. I like that one.

I was courageous yesterday in my Practice Meeting at the Surgery and boldly stated what I wanted and what I was not prepared to put up with. I was courageous in the way I handled the end of training goodbyes - and I have decided to leave another supervision group and join a new one - more courage. No cowardly lion for me this week. It feels good, it feels nice and adult.

I am generally a brave person, I put myself on the front line a lot of the time (don't do anger but my therapist tells me I am beautifully assertive) so courage is OK for me this week. Next week I hope for Power, or Love - Play and Abundance would be nice too. Joy, Beauty and Adventure are also big favourites.

OK so now I am rambling and I have to move my car - see you later!


Kahless said...

Hi Vix,
I spent most of the day outside in the sun. I am attempting to finish off the cladding on a wall I built. And what I have done looks great! So yes, it was a lovely sunny day.

Good for you on the courage front.
Here's to taking no shit!

Queen Vixen said...

You built a wall? Respect! Sounds like you enjoyed the sun. Courage is a good thing and taking no shit has major benefits. I am enjoying it.

Kahless said...

The wall is wonky hence I am having to clad it to hide that fact!

Queen Vixen said...

But you built one! Do you know how good that is!