Monday, June 11, 2007

Last Weekend

Just a quickie as I am about to have lunch - outside in the sun. Yes I know its a bit late for lunch but I had a late breakfast and then went running - so will be dashing off in a minute.

I had my last psychotherapy training weekend sat/sun. It was really weird. I am ready to go, and move into exam prep but at the same time going to miss the shared experience. I was also moved by the people that I had taken this journey with. Only 8 of us left standing out of an original 29. It has been wonderful and I feel honoured and privileged to have travelled the road with them. They are very very special people - and I love all of them.

CTA beckons, and all that entails - which brings me back to assignments ..... ok ok I wont go there today.


Böbø said...

The journey is the thing. You've travelled it well ♥ QV

Queen Vixen said...

Thanks Bobo, it has been wonderful, emotional, downright boring sometimes but to have been on the journey, and travelled with such special people - well that has been priceless. It has changed my life!