Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Beach

I am walking down a beach at sunset. I am walking with the man that I love. He holds my hand and as we walk in silence I am aware of his power, his wisdom and his beauty. We can hear the rhythmic lap of the waves on the shore, all is peaceful. As the sun sets we are enveloped in the soft light, the sand is warm under our feet and we can feel the swell of our desire which seems to echo the swell of the ocean - unfathomable, ancient, relentless. We go over to the rocks to find a place where we can lie together, and to be one. Not a word is needed. And so begins the oldest of rites, the profound sharing of the core of two people - life and its expression. A sea bird flies lazily over head, emitting its piercing cry - the cry mingles with ..... Oh bugger, still got those assignments to do!

Well you know what they say (the Gouldings that is) when in danger of becoming Obsessive, choose to have a sexual fantasy instead. Ho hum, back to 'Redecision and its application in Therapeutic Practice'. Grizzly indeed.


Pixie said...

Oh QV, I was really getting into that.

Just work woman, work, don't stop...

It'll all be different soon.

love and hugs px

Kahless said...

I'm reading your very good prose, get to the point of 'oh bugger' and then you mention assignments.

I was expecting you to say bird shit. Got me there. very funny.

Queen Vixen said...

I shall write some more. I do write good prose, and if it wasnt for assignments then I would be able to concentrate for more than 5 minutes on anything other than my writers block.

Kahless: I never thought of that, good one!

My beach remains a very special place.

Queen Vixen said...

I am working Pixie, just not very productivly. I am stuck stuck stuck but know that the energy will shift soon.