Thursday, June 07, 2007

I miss the office

Hello hello. I am still in the assignment tunnel but have had millions (yes I know its an exaggeration but it feels like it) of clients. So the deadline draws ever closer and I become ever more flustered. Waking at 4am had not quite happened yet but I can feel the grizzly day approaching when sleep will excape me, and sweaty palmed tossing and turning will take over.

Anyway, next week seems to be a bit quieter and I shall grind out a result and gather my uninspired ramblings into some semblance of order.

In the meantime I am fondly reminissing of my days in an office. Oh the joy of it. Oh the banter. Oh the lunchtimes at the pub or down the chippy; The trolly that used to knock the door of the office and cause a stampede as we all rushed to facilitate our sugar fix. (its all about food isnt it? - squeel!)

How I loved the jokes, and the emailing and the happy go lucky attitude - ok so sales werent great, but we were having a ball! I liked the networking; boozy afternoons in posh hotel function rooms where we all slapped each other on the back and collected business cards. I liked the chats as we waited for the kettle to boil, laughing at the boss, meeting customers - getting the job sort of done.

Laughter - that's what I remember. Laughter - oh how I miss the laughter. A far cry from what I do now. Although I love what I do now, and its so worthy and fascinating etc etc but the simple pleasures of office life. A sales target is a wonderful thing to achieve; A report well done, a stack of papers filed away in the right place, - these are the things I miss.

I feel so earnest now, so grown up, so locked in a world where everything is so so serious. I miss my office, I miss my train journey, I miss the lads. I really miss the lads.

Maybe I could take my skills into 'the office' - but somehow it would not be the same.

Ho hum - back to the essays.


Pixie said...

Yes well we all know about the lads!!!

And therapy is fun or mine is at any rate.

And you've just assignmentitis, it's nearly over then you can be free to rediscover joy :)

l-q-s said...

I think I know what you mean, QV. Part of the reason I do what I do is because I love the people I work with. Yes, we all have our bad days, but generally speaking, we all have a laugh too. In this rambling old building are ensconsed roughly 20 people, 15 of whom really make my life a nicer place. So while the work itself is far from exciting, the human interaction more than makes up for it.

I hope, whatever state your assignments are in, that you have time to feel the sun on your skin. Makes everything more bearable!

Kahless said...

I agree with pixie, sounds like assignmentitis.
Us clients aren't serious all of the time and do enjoy engaging in playful banter with our therapists on occaision. (A must for me sometimes.)
Good luck. Soon be over and this hard work will all seem a distant memory before you know it.

Böbø said...

Arrrrgh yes, the joys of the office ... oh no wait. I'm in an office. It's more like one of the British WW2 POW films: Ginger keeps a look for Bolshie Boss, while we all fantasize about digging an escape tunnel.

I have mine all planned out :)

Assignmentitis? Naaaa. You just don't have a enough new lads to flirt with. Laughter or flirty girlish giggles?


Queen Vixen said...

Pixie - let me see. Lads or assignments? No contest really - bring on the assignments. (lots of rubbing of chins).

i-q-s, it is the people that make it special and I shall go feel the sun right now, salmon salad in the garden for me.

Kahless, I love my clients and do laugh with them. Joy is so important in therapy. Thanks for your good wishes.

Bobo, the office I worked in (work? maybe an exageration) already had several escape tunnels which were regularly used! Sigh! As for new lads - not necessary!