Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Psssst - its Solstice on Thursday

Before I forget. June 21st - Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year - and the day when fellow pagans will be up at the crack of dawn, (well just before actually) to watch the sun rise. Its great! Go on, give it a go. It is a majestic experience unless you choose one of the big stone circles which tends to get populated by a bunch of pratts who are on the piss. (Plastic Pagans - weekend wiccans) Oh how very judgemental of me hee hee - excellent!

I went to Avebury last year. Said pratts were in abundance, but me and my witchy girls had a great time. We even slept in the car. For me that was great - a throw back to the student days I never had. There was drumming and a fire at midnight. There was lots of blowing of horns when the sun came up and then a collapsing into bed at the Travel Lodge having been part of an ancient experience, a link to the past and a celebration of the beautious cycle of this wonderful planet we live on.

So get your staff, your wand, whatever is wooden and stiff (snigger) and dont forget your hiking boots ( I managed to wear spangly sandles last year - really stupid!) and get up onto a hill on Thursday morning and let the magick inspire you.


Kahless said...

You have reminded me of summer solstice 1988 in Devon where with some friends, we trekked up some tor at some awful unearthly hour to watch the sun rise (only for it to be cloudy and we saw nowt.) But a memory worth remembering.
Happy solstice.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Yes, that's the problem! Most solstice days you see bugger all! (Or you get stuck in traffic when happening to drive past stone henge on that day! Should have organised that better!)

DJ Kirkby said...

Hello I found you on Kahless's blog. I am afraid hill trecking to watch sun rise from awe inspiring vantage point, etc is on pause at the moment what with number 3 son's (un)coping mechanisms, but I will be going in my dreams.

Pixie said...

I'll settle for waking up in my bed and looking out the window, whatever the weather. I've got to keep my strength up for my BIG big walk on Saturday.

And I know you have enough witchy magic in you to look after us all with one of your spells.

Queen Vixen said...

Kahless: I read your blog, what evokative memories. See, solstice can be fun even if the sun decides not to put in an appearance. By the way, I think your fab - love your blog. Will leave messages if I can get on the lap top after 'Rome'. Watched the last series and fancy a bit of a thrill ...I digress

Vi: Your blog is fab too, need to have a really good read. Oh to have the time! and yes bugger all is the order of the day, but its a fun bugger all.

dj Kirkby: New name, welcome and I have got your blog to check out too. Hope no 3 son is OK, and you will be there in spirit!

Pixie: Big Walk - yes, and how much have you put me down to sponsor you for?

Big hugs to you all. Happy Solstice!

Kahless said...

I have taped 'Rome' Last series was great. The write-up in the radio times said there would be a much gore tonight. Great!

Queen Vixen said...

Kahless: dont know about you but I thought Rome was not too impressive last night. My husband said it was worth it for the nudity but that only lasted 2 mins (how desperate is he?) Thought the use of Anglo saxon vocab was a little out of place considering its Rome we are talking about. What did you make of it? Maybe it will get better.