Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Joy of Massage

I am still biting my nails waiting for my son to come home from his first gig, so I am going to blog to take my mind off it.

I saw a massage client tonight. As you will know, I am a psychotherapist, that is the bulk of my work. However I also have a qualification in swedish massage and aromatherapy, (I am a Reiki II as well) and I have a small number of clients who come for massage.

I love my work as a therapist, it takes up most of my resources to do it properly and it can be emotionally draining as well as stimulating, profound, incredible etc etc ... you get the picture. Massage is a real break from the therapy. Massage is a no brainer. Oh the joy of it.

Tonight it was bliss. The room was all set up, soft candle light. The most haunting and evocative music, my little indoor fountain trickling in the corner. The oils smelt divine and it was just one and a half hours of calm, no talking, no working anything out. Just the music and the water and the touch.

My client fell asleep and I went into something of a trance. The rhythmic strokes, the gentle breathing. It was lovely. I always finish with the neck shoulders, and head. Something wonderfully soothing about having the head stroked, gently tugging the hair - massaging the scalp.

We need touch as human beings. Lack of touch can be devastating to the psyche. Massage is such a safe and boundaried way to get that touch and receive that pleasure. So I sing the joys of massage - go treat yourselves.


Böbø said...

That sounded rather erotic too (is it just me).

So calm
So tender
So contacted: flesh on flesh

Oooooooooooooo the joy of it


Queen Vixen said...

You need something in your tea!

Massage is sensual - but not erotic. Not the way I do it lol (all very professional)

DJ Kirkby said...

ooooh Reiki, I do want to experience that! I have heard it is very healing and often used for people recovering from cancer etc, is this true?

Queen Vixen said...

dj: Yes it is good. A sort of energy shower. Its great for pain, and I believe it is really effective for people in recovery from cancer. Its hard to describe but it is a profound experience and things happen that cannot be imagined. I am all for it, it clears away emotional sludge as well.