Wednesday, June 20, 2007

World of slimming

I went to be weighed this morning and I had lost another 1 and a half lbs. Woo hoo! I seem to yo yo between 10 and 12 stone, and after staying for rather too long at the top end of that little continuum I took myself off to slimming world. It was the funniest thing I had been to in a long time. Lots of really good natured women, who clearly enjoy a curry or two feigning complete surprise that they had not lost any weight; Not lost any weight after weekend binges that involved pizza, chips and copious amounts of alcohol. However, there was good natured camaraderie, lots of clapping and a group leader who was fatter than me, that was a worry.

Anyway after 2 weeks of getting to grips with the diet, (physics degree required) I am a convert. Eat as much as you want (of certain foods) chips are an absolute no no and chocolate is largely off limits. I have given up alcohol (shriek!) but the weight has dropped off. 10lbs lighter. The best bit is the website. Graphs, on line awards - lots of distracting fun. (Yes I know its sad, but I am prepared to be sad if it means bikini this summer and no hiding under a sarong.

I highly recommend it.

PS I did have a curry tonight but it was veggie with boiled rice, and spring water to drink. Come on, tell me you are impressed - well you will be when I post the pics of the bikini!


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

It worries me that the slimming world leaders can be overweight doing their job. I'm an ex leader for WW and you had to be in the BMI range for that job. I've never been to slimming world, but my own diet that I do in my business is similar (but I go into peoples homes for one to one consults, nobody else does that).

FANTASTIC job on losing the weight!

Queen Vixen said...

Hey Vi, brilliant! You know the struggles - and the consultant at 'my' group lost 5 stone but she could do to lose a bit more. She is the sweetest person ever but is not what I would call slim!

I did WW and got to target, but I was soooo hungry all the time. This diet seems to suit, and I also run 2 and a half miles 5 times a week, so the exersice is also a factor.

Pixie said...

Course you could try my diet,,, get dumped and loose half a stone in two weeks, it's marvellous can't recommend it highly enough, at least for weight lose. shit in every other way. But who cares i look fab.

Kahless said...

I have been thinking of posting the recipe for my favourite curry (which I cook 2-3 times a week at home.) Had thought that would be a bit random but I might just do that now at the weekend. Its probably lowish fat, though I'll let the expert Vi pass judgement on that. (It has no coconut milk in it.)

DJ Kirkby said...

Happy Solstice! Bet you look fab (you bitch) must get my wobbly but over to my local WW coven and get back on the diet track...

Queen Vixen said...

Pixie: You do look fab! the appetite will return, although big walks will shed more weight! Good luck.

Kahless: Yes please, any curry recipe gratefully received. I have a couple of my own. Maybe we could swap them.

DJ: Be proud of your butt, bet its not that wobbly - having goddess curves can be a good thing. I am beginning to look fab, and smug bitch status is great! lol