Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hot Chocolate and Salad

I am miffed. After a hard day slogging it out with clients, guess what I had to eat? Well I know the title gave it away - but it was salad. Chicken salad, chicken bloody salad with cutting corners bought salad things from the deli. HE was supposed to be cooking tonight. I requested chicken, (it is a red day today - for all you slimmers out there) HE told me he had it covered and then what did he dish up, chicken bloody salad! Not good, not good at all.

In my post salad misery I opted for a (slimline) hot chocolate. A girl has to get her sugar (artificial sweetener) fix once in a while even on a diet. However pots were not washed. Chicken salad AND no pots washed. I like to heat my milk in a pan, but there it was caked in bean juice with the last vestige of breakfast clinging on for grim death. Not good, not good at all.

My solution was to point out the glaring misdemeanors and try to scrub the beans off the pan. However in my crossness I could not be arsed to scrub the pan, not properly and so I heated the milk with various bean foreign bodies floating - I tried my best to ignore them but have just drained the dregs of my chocolate. Not good, not good at all.


The Silent Observer said...

Hi QV.
Dont suppose you have a copy of that picture you talked about. The one of the African Plane? sounds great and i think i would like to have it on my desk top. sorry its in the wrong topic too.

Anonymous said...

your post made me chuckle, thank you for that.

Hot chocolate and salad so sounds like one of my tea time combinations when I am miffed, or can't be arsed cooking or fancy yet another un-grown up meal.

My favourite odd combinations are haggis and salad cream (strangely yum), heinz tomato soup with grated cheese, and roast chicken, a full family roast but without all the boring extras which i have been too busy to think of (or spending too much time online to care).

Hope you have a better tea tonight hon.

Pixie said...

coffee at 3am in a cup that previously held pea soup when I was camping when at school. It took years for me to drink coffee again, and as for pea soup yuck....

Queen Vixen said...

Silent - I will see what I can do for you. It is a wonderful picture, an original and my absolute favourite. It is what you cant see that makes it special. It symbolises the enduring nature of true relationship.

Hullaballo - glad it amused you, I did see the funny side after I picked the beans out of my teeth. Never been brave enough to try haggis; soup and cheese is AMAZING!! Family roast is good, as long as I dont have to cook it (dont get me started)

Pixie - lol very funny, and also extremely gross. No wonder you did not opt for a cappucino the other night, too many memories.