Saturday, June 16, 2007

Still here - but only just!

Hello my lovely blog chums - mostly powerful, strong and wonderful women - but also my rather lovely men who are sensitive, witty and charming. Big kisses blown to you all. I will visit all your sites very soon.

I would love to be doing so much more blogging but as usual (cue long playing record) I cannot because of these **!@## assignments. Here I am again -Saturday morning as well! Totally grizzly! My sons mates have just turned up and are setting up all their amps and guitars plus a full drum kit in my living room. Great! For any of you that are interested, the band are called Stone Def, my son is the 'charismatic' lead singer.

So here I am, still ploughing through Redecision Therapy and about to be blasted out by teenage rock. Iam becoming a serial whinger and my general bad temper did get confronted this morning. I got asked what would make it all better, what three things would I change in my life to get the life I wanted. After a brief milliseconds pause the answers were as follows:

A vibrant job interacting with lots of people and working as part of a team.
(Being a therapist is very solitary, means staying at home or in one room. I do work as part of a team - ish on the NHS. I like that bit, but need more)

Living in a city apartment where I could go out for breakfast
(As opposed to the heart of rural England when someones wife and sister are possibly the same person. Not really of course, and I love my view!)

A full and exciting social life with lots of wonderful friends who like to hang out together
(I have some lovely friends but only one that seems to do the hanging round on sofas in wine bars - hi Pixie.)

So after such a study in discontent I have concluded that I need to make some big big changes, that I still miss having never done the university live on campus social thing; or maybe its simply assignment-itis. Only time will tell!

Stay beautiful!


Kahless said...

Hiya vixen
Love the new piccie. No messing with you. Not sure if I'm even more scared of you now though!

Pixie said...

QV sweetie, you're nearly there, just one final push and you will deliver all your assignments.....

Then you can do some serious playing in RL and on this lovely blogging stuff.

love you loads

Queen Vixen said...

Kahless: I love the new piccie too. Its very me, although I am blonde. No need for fear - I am as soft as butter really.

Pixie: Nearly there, just getting down to things now. I will be playing as well. Some serious serious playing. Watch out! lol