Friday, June 22, 2007

What it means to be a Witch - sneak preview

Hope you all enjoyed the Solstice. It was rather cloudy so there was not much to see in this little part of the world but I hope the energy of the longest day filled you all with hope and well being.

I am still mulling over Kahless's question - 'what does it mean to be a witch' and I am formulating the mother of all blogs on that one. However to keep my hand in while I slog through my assignments and see my multitude of clients, I thought I would share this passage with you which goes some way to explaining the joy of being a witch. Not wishing to knock religion, (and I have a pretty fundamentalist christian religious background) - but joy is just not present. Sin is soooo sinful and so much of the controlling parent structure of (largely male dominated) religious elders means that the very things that should be blessings of spiritual life get slapped down. So here is a little passage from Starhawk - the Spiral Dance that pretty much sums up the philosophy of the happy witch,

"Any act based on love and pleasure is a ritual of the Goddess. Her worship can take any form and occur anywhere; it requires no liturgy, no cathedrals, no confessions. Its essence is the recognition, in the midst of pleasure, of its deepest source. Pleasure, then, is not superficial but becomes a profound expression of the life force; a connecting power linking us to others, not the mere sensation of stasfying our own isolated needs."

"We do not seek to conquer or escape from our desires - we seek to fulfill them. Desire is the glue of the universe; it binds the electron to the nucleus, the planet to the sun and so creates form, creates the world. to follow desire to its end is to unite with that which is desired, to become one with it."

I view 'The Goddess' as symbolic, a vast and powerful archetype, and a means of liberation for women. What I see explained in these passages is the powerful energy that is contained in all of us. The bubbling fountain of growth and joy. Long may it flow!

Blessings to you all!


DJ Kirkby said...

Hello QV, an excellent question from Kahless and I loved this posting, feels comfortable and safe. Have you seen this blog?

Pixie said...

I so need some of that right now. So I'll close my eyes very hard and wish and wish to feel ok and at peace. And to celebrate everything about being a woman/goddess.
But if it doesn't work will you cast a magic spell over me??

Kahless said...

Blessings to you Queen Vixen.
Glad to hear you haven't forgotten my question!
Your post has definately kept me looking forward to the mother of all blogs that youre going to write when you finish your assignments.


p.s. I dont mind you knocking religion as much as you want. In fact I may do a religion bashing post myself soon given that i am already doomed to an eternity in purgatory.

Queen Vixen said...

Dj: I shall check out that blog and most probably add it to my roll. Cheers! Isnt this networking great? Glad you liked it, there will be more to come.

Pixie: I will cast a spell, I have my official coven meeting for Solstice this tuesday so I will get the girls to do some spell work for you.

Kahless: Dont get me started on religioun, although my bone of contention is with the structures that spring up around it, that have nothing to do with it but are simply systems for oppression and naff behaviour. Spirituality has nothing to do with religion. My opinion and I am sticking to it

QV xxx

Chopski said...

Ok, whats the difference between magic and magick?

Kahless said...

Came across this puzzle today and thought of your blog. Here goes.

What non plural word has five consonants in a row?

I'll comment the answer here after you have had a guess...

Queen Vixen said...

chopski: A 'K' (hehehe) ok, no smart arse remark. Magic carries the whole top hat, fez and white rabbit motif whereas magick is the dark and mysterious stuff that mad birds in long velvet dresses do. Blame Bobo he started me off on the magick with a k, there again he cant spell!

Kahless: Just had an afternoon sleep, brain not working - tell me tell me x

Kahless said...

wiTCHCRaft !

Anonymous said...

Greetings and salutations.

I cannot explain it, but for some reason this post has clicked something in my head. For many years I have been trying to understand the Goddess from the perspective of my (male) spirituality. Unfortunately, being a simple meat and potatoes man I have had little luck. However, after reading this, whether it is your wording or that I am just ready, I now have the image in my head...... I don't need to understand.

For generations men have imposed a structure where women were not allowed to freely fight for themselves; men have always been allowed to do what they needed in order to survive, but women?... And, in this natural world that freedom is what brings a healthy balance to a relationship, a society, and to nature. (Thus, why our world is in the state that it is.)

I have met many men who claimed to worship the Goddess and as they tried to explain it to me, but to me they always sounded no different than a Stepford Wife - and I hate mindless obedient Stepford Wives. I do not need to understand the Goddess, but that also means that I do not need to be understood.

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman pursuing her dreams, her desires, and her needs with absolute confidence and creativity. However, there is nothing greater than the feeling of being fully engaged with your own environment: that is, I fully support women in their pursuits, but that doesn't mean I'm going to become a spineless twerp about my dreams, desires, and needs.

So, here's to the freedom to fully engage in the fight, the freedom to do what ever we need to find balance, the freedom to be at peace. And, thank you for helping me tie off one more loose end rattling around my head.

Queen Vixen said...

Kahless: Right! Good one!

Craig: Blessings and Incantations. Glad to have been of help and thank for such great feedback.