Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blog Guilt

Hello all my lovely blog friends. I am suffering from blog guilt and wanted to write a quick post to explain my absense and my lack of replies. I intend to reply fully to all your comments on your blogs. I am very keen to reply to a question I was asked, "So what does it mean to be a witch" - oh thats one is going to be fun and very very long. Lets just say that the purpose (in my opinion) of patriachal religions is the supression of women. Being a witch is sticking one great fat finger up to that one, as well as all the deep spiritual stuff, the fun and sexy stuff, the pointy hats, the swords and knives and inexaustable need for candles

I digress, and need to explain that I am just a teensy weensy bit under pressure at the moment.

I have a day full of seeing clients, including a couple (eek) and have had to take drastic measures with assignment time, and blank out 8 full days before July 12th (assignment deadline) in which I take no clients and concentrate fully on the job in hand. This will obviously have an impact on my earnings, my social life and my mental health! All rather scary from where I am sitting - darkened room, computer, no heating, desk piled high with papers - the only environmental positives are that in this office I have two lush and wonderful plants and a picture of two bestest friends and soul mates holding hands on the African planes. These things are keeping me going because they remind me that outside life still grows and the people that matter to me live and breathe and are truly wonderful!

So there you are. Blog mates, you are all special, I have not forgotten you, please bear with me.


Kahless said...

I look forward to your full post on 'what does it mean to be a witch' when your assignments are over next month. Wasn't expecting knives to come into it though. I was thinking more like Hermoine with broom.
No need to explain your absence; we're not going anywhere.
Good luck with the assignments.

Queen Vixen said...

Thanks Kahless, I will do the witch post sooner rather than later as its a subject close to my heart. Nice to know you will be there!

PS I do have a traditional besom and also own a cluster of knives, swords, and various other weapons of female empowerment.

l-q-s said...

Aha! Another witch with "an inexaustable need for candles." Kitchenwitch & I always knew we couldn't be the only ones. :)

Queen Vixen said...

I-q-s: Fantastic, another witch, another two! I shall check out Kitchenwitch and will be writing my witch post shortly. Blessed Be!