Monday, June 25, 2007


I made a list this morning. It was a worthy list, all the things I had to do before going out for the evening shift at the therapy centre. The list included

Tidy bedroom - done.
Write out my lunch list (diet that requires physics degree, remember) - done.
Pay a bill - done.
Go for a run - done.
Tidy notes - errr
Choose next essay title - weeelll
Order pyjamas (nightwear somewhat ragged) - shuffle
Ironing - cough
Sewing (now thats taking the p**s) - staring all round the room

At this point the tension is all too much, sweaty palms, beginning of the shakes - and I cannot resist any longer - GOT TO BLOG!!!

So here I am, full flush of giving in to temptation, avidly reading and about to launch into my 'in praise of men' blog.

Ironing and sewing can be squeezed in after work tonight. The rest, well maybe I can include them in my blog, yes blog, blog, blog, blog - help needed!

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Böbø said...

Loving your priorities

Understanding your compulsion

Respecting your energy

♥ x ♥