Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Meditation, Sophia and losing 3lbs

It was full moon on the 22nd and as is my habit I pulled my symbols for the lunar month. My animal guide - the Eagle, and my Goddess, Sophia - Goddess of wisdom.

I enjoy focusing my mind on what these symbols represent. I could witter on about the astral plane, and thought creating matter and how we form God/Goddess in our own image but I wont - you have heard me do that before. Instead I shall just say that I am working with Sophia energy at the moment and in a meditative moment I had a flash of inspiration - I need to love me.

From the moment you enter
till the time you surrender to death
all that you experience
directly for yourself
all the burnt fingers
to discover the fire is hot
all the falling flat
when your reach exceeds your grasp
all the explorations
of territory known and unknown
all these are pathways to me
Seek to know
and you are me
stretch to become
and you are me
The Feminine quests for wisdom
The Feminine is part of all women
all women are the Goddess
all women have wisdom
all women are Sophia

Amy Sophia Marashinksky

I need to stop worrying about men and relationships;I also need to stop pouring garbage into my body in the form of fatty foods and alcohol. I need to cherish my body - without it I would have nowhere to live!

On top of this wonderfully grounded realisation came the discovery of meditation 'proper'. By that I mean true Buddhist style. I am no Buddhist and do not wish to embrace that path but a lot of what they say makes sense. Especially as my mind is like a 50,000 volt energy surge most of the time. Calming it down is the best way for me to attain equilibrium right now.

So the upshot ... dear readers. In the midst of my current turmoil I am finding a still place, and I would like to enlist your help in my quest to attain a healthy weight.

I am going to post my weight every week so that I can have something to aim for. I was 11 stone 12lbs on Monday - I am 5 foot 7 so that makes me overweight. Yesterday I ate well and exercised, meditated and felt so much more centred. I shan't lose my Wiccan joy in the sensual pleasures of the body, or the Queen Vixen boot stomping sparkle but for now the soothing salve of the quiet mind is what I need.

PS I sneaked a peek at the scales today and I have lost 3lbs already - yes I know its water and stuff, but its a great start.


Graffiti said...

It seems to me QV that there is nothing wrong with the occasional alcohol. In fact red wine is a healthy thing to imbibe from time to time, so they say, whoever they is.


Queen Vixen said...

This is true graffiti. I am not eliminating alcohol. Just cutting down on it. A pint of cider and half a bottle of wine a night is a tad excessive.

Maybe 'they' produce medication for liver conditions...

Kahless said...

Hi Vix,
I'll support you. Good luck with the weight loss; it is hard. 3ls is a great start, who cares what form the weight loss is... your lighter on the scales!

What is the target you are aiming for and what treats are you going to give yourself on the way?

Vi said...

Well, you are only officially 6lb overweight for you height, so you are halfway there! Keep up the good work!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Congrats on the 3 lb loss. Loved the poem.

Queen Vixen said...

Kahless: Anything is a movement in the right direction. My target is 10st 2lbs. As for treats - well at 11st 2lbs I am going to have my colours done, the untimate reward is a long matrix style leather coat and a tattoo :o)

Vi: That is the best bit of news I have had in ages! Thank you for reframing that so positivly.

Wakeup: I do love my Goddess Oracle, each goddess has a different poem - I shall continue to share them.