Sunday, January 13, 2008

All done and dusted!

Second assignment in the bag. 2,665 words - a worthy tome. I am so CHUFFED! Lots of inspiration, lots of energy and my little bit of Earth magick worked a treat. Magick, after all, focuses intent. My intent needed focusing believe me!

"What concepts do you use to work with couples, families or groups and how do they inform the way you work?"

After musing on the grammatical accuracy and effectiveness of the actual question, I just bit the bullet and wrote it.

I have written over 5,000 words this weekend. Dissertation should take me all of a week! (Of course I know this is not true - but just let me revel in the feelings of confidence and relief!)

I have exam group tomorrow - I don't like exam group. Its always cold in the building, and there are some very ancient people there. I suspect that Exam Group is some sort of temporal displacement anomaly. Once in it, you stay there for years - getting steadily older but imagining yourself a sprightly young trainee. You emerge at your CTA, take one look into a mirror and go shrieking over the horizon clutching at your wizened features. Sod exam group next year. I shall be looking for other ways of 'staying in training'- ways that are actually beneficial and far more enjoyable.

So there you go, one hell of a weekend. My little study has been a haven of academic endeavour and now I shall blow out my inspirational candle, crack open a bottle of cider and order a Rajma Dupiaza!


Exmoorjane said...

Flipping heck, QV, and I thought I wrote fast! That's a lot of words for a weekend....Serious respect.
Have so enjoyed reading back through the blogs I've missed....LOVE the idea of bloggers as LOTR characters...not sure what I'd be but not an elf....ears far too round. I'd like a horse though.
Re witchcraft and psychotherapy, I think the two blend beautifully....I've known a fair few bods who combine the two over the years...have you ever come across Shan? Probably not, but would be one of those lovely little coincidences.
Fish and chips DEFINITELY better up north (and this from a Southerner).....

Ah, and I was only joking re becoming a shrink - FAR too much like hard work for this lazy trollop!

Hey, not long to Imbolc now eh?

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Well done you! Good luck with the exam tomorrow!

trousers said...

Wow, you're on a roll! That cider must be well deserved.

Pixie said...

OH great, that means fun fun fun on Wednsday then!!


Böbø said...

You are just an essay machine! I assume they actually read well too lol