Monday, January 07, 2008

How do you all find the time to blog?

I feel such an unworthy blogger. I never seem to get the time to do it properly. I have so many posts just sitting, unwritten in my head ... so many ideas, so many witty insights (I hope), earnest outpourings - so little time.

I promised that my next post would be 'What it means to be a witch' I have made the notes, have my draft but now want to explore the overlaps and similarities between being a psychotherapist and a witch. It involves some of the same concepts, certainly the same 'territory' of the psyche. Changing reality through conscious thought processes, trance and deep self (C0 ego state) are much the same. Its developing into more of a thesis than a blog. More 'Be Perfect' stuff from me - if its not super duper exceptional then why bother? Maybe I should stick with plan a.

However, my process around the up and coming post is identical to that which I generally do in life. I am sure, my fellow bloggers, you would prefer me to just put something up rather than nothing at all, but that would be too simple for my Passive Aggressive component. If I cannot struggle then, again, whats the point? So I automatically obey the 'don't succeed' injunction by ... well .... by not posting at all, which is why I am sitting here squirming in full confessional mode.

The ideas for posts currently squatting in my head are:- a post on my wonderful Yule tide presies - oh they were wonderful, thank you again to Pixie, Silent Observer and Bobo for you lovely gifts! Another one was on 'Life on Mars' - not a microbiology/astronomical musing but the FABULOUS TV series. I think I got to this one late. Its just so good! Is it me or are 70's fashions super sexy? Having spent at least 3 decades scorning big collars, flares, leather jackets and clumpy shoes I am NOW finding them just the best thing since (70's) sliced bread. I was only 5 when that particular decade began but I love it!

Oh yes, and another post I want to do. Give all of you a Lord of the Rings Race - rather like the Cheese blog (See archive) but designating each of you a Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit like class. Should be fun, there is certainly an Ent amongst you (soooo easy to guess that one), a couple of hobbits, at least three men, two dwarfs, three elves and a wizard or two. See, how it is, all these ideas and no 'completing or finishing'. Tut tut Vixen, tis very scripty.

I shall leave it at that and check out a few of your posts, I will return with more of my musings and the Witchy post which is far too worthy for its own good.


Anonymous said...

I set aside the same time to blog every day and I write what is in my head at the time. i too have lists of things I want to write about and I keep it write in front of me. And, as I write what is in my head, more often then not, one of those things on my list worms it's way in, usually in the most unexpected way (which is always exciting to me), and when I'm done I check it off the list.


trousers said...

Sometimes blogging is an achievement for me - or an end in itself - whereas other times it's a displacement activity when I really should be doing "more important" things. I also realised that, for myself, there's no point in planning what I'm going to write, it's usually when the mood or (even) the inspiration strikes.

Oh, and perhaps occasionally, when I think "it's about time I posted something new up."

I do enjoy reading what you have to write though. No pressure: after all, if you've seen my own most recent post, you've nothing to worry about :)

Pixie said...

you are so right something is better than nothing!

are there any pixies in LofRs? do i want to be a hobbit? or would i be one of those big ugly monsters.... cheese somehow was so much safer!!!

glad you're back, even if it's not worthy .... right and whose opinion are we counting here!!!


Casdok said...

You have some interesting thoughts.
I will be back to see what you do with them!

Casdok said...
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Anonymous said...

I just write what is in my head. I know if I wrote a list, I would be likely to lose it.

I find it easier to read and digest frequent, small posts from bloggers, and to do the same myself.

Your witchy post sounds interesting, looking forward to it. Thanks for commenting on my blog, by the way.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Hey, you have the ideas, and now you've put them down, you'll probably find more time to do it! I try to set some time a day to blog, but at the moment, it's just when I get the chance to do so!

Hedgewizard said...

Why not rationalize it to five comments a day and one blogpost a week?

DJ Kirkby said...

Love your idea of the 'Lord of the Rings' post, your cheese one was great.

Queen Vixen said...

Craig: Good advice. Once my dissertation is written I can blog without guilt. Some of this is about blogging when I could be doing something 'I have' to do.

Trousers: Well yes, it can be displacement activity which is why I get an attack of guilt. I think if I allow myself to flow a little more, do it when the mood takes me it will be better. Your melancholy post gave an insight into the level of your distress with regard to 'work'. At least the blog gives an opportunity to express.

Pix: There are no Pixies but I would have you down as a 'man' anyway. A Lady of Gondor.

Cas: Thank you. Please do hop back - I have your blog to visit too.

Hull: The length of post does influence whether I get to the end or not. Sometimes I run out of time, sometimes its really late at night. So the short and snappy's do have the 'relief' factor.

Vi: The Daily blog time does seem to be the way to go. Its a disciplined way to be creative. Making time for enjoyment is as important as chores.

Hedge: Again, good advice. Set targets at an achievable level. Good bloke rational stuff - thanks. I need it!

Dj: I thought it was pretty neat lol there will be no orcs - although one on my blog roll could definately be The Eye of Sauron (I would not risk such offence so I shant name him (oops gave away the gender ;o)