Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dragons and Rings

I went to the Moot in Nottingham last night. It was quite an effort, truth be told. Hard day at work, inappropriate clothing for a cold night in January and the team meeting got cancelled so I had to shiver in the car for a bit before setting off. I had some good old 'northern' fish and chips: Once you get south of Burton on Trent the fish and chip quality seems to plummet. No offence meant - just an observation - try to get a decent chippy in Birmingham you will see what I mean.

I got lost on the way too. Found myself heading out to Grantham - no idea how it happened but thankfully the Moot Chieftain guided me in on my mobile. Said Moot Chieftain had already got a cider waiting so perhaps the seminar that followed APPEARED to be better than it was, but then reality is all about personal perception.

Eeeee it was a goodun! Dragons and Rings, sacred geometry - ley lines, pythagorus, stone circles and a guy in a velvet coat (bonus).

SO now all you rational boys will be sucking your breath in through your teeth really sharply, but just hang on!! Bear in mind that Maxwell's 4 equations were actually 20 and the other 16 were slung out by the then rather blinkered establishment with vested interests to protect. Had they not, then our own definitions of the physical world and accepted scientific understanding would be very different.... and us wierdies would receive the acclaim and respect we deserve.

The sun is at the root of all major religious belief, whether the sun, or the son, L, El or Bel, ( a feminine derivative in language terms). Think about it! We all live in a matrix of energy - some just vibrates slower than others and forms solid touchable stuff. We also only define reality depending on our dimensional perception. The two dimensional world cannot perceive height or depth, yet it exists!

We had so much fun bending our minds around the concept of time, multidimensional physics and the way that experience, perception, intent and expectation creates reality. In fact I felt rather smug - waccy baccy quantum physics it may be - however we wiccans know the reality of it all. Science and controlled double blind trials only seek to keep us safe in our contained and sterile understanding of our dimension in time and space.

There is other stuff out there, not weird strange stuff but stuff that is as real in the science of that dimensional understanding as our E=mc2.

So, think large - allow your minds to expand out into infinite possibilities. I think therefore I am... what I think defines who I am. Think Free!


Pixie said...

Bloody hell... my mind got so expanded it turned to mush and I want to go back to reading Janet and John... I understood those.
There are definate hidden depths to you dear Q V.

trousers said...

I for one have known - know - decent chippies in Birmingham. Just saying, like :)

Graffiti said...

Hello Queen Vixen,

Don't you just love those team meetings.

I always find it a bit odd to think that I am part of such a team. Team to me always has the mind set of a rugga team.


Böbø said...

I think I need to drink more cider.

I have a sneaky suspicion that you were actually ogling the bloke in the velvet jacket more ... and you're only going all cosmetic theory to impress us rational boys.

But I like that you've stuck at it, and that the group know how to treat you right, with cider waiting for you on the table.

PS: And to think you slagged me for referring to the moot (or "witchy thingy" as I called it) being in Derby, when you were heading to the Hell Hole that is Grantham!

Kahless said...

I think too bloody much and need to do more doing!

Queen Vixen said...

Pix: Thank you and yes, hidden depths. Truth be told this kind of stuff is the real me. The me I tend to obscure under giggly histrionic behaviour. The me that gets heavily discounted when it suits certain people ;o)xxx

Trousers: The centre of Brum is terrible for decent chips. You will just have to prove it. I like fish with my chips, and a small pot of beans ... oh and a pickled onion. Are you buying?

Graffiti: YEEEE HAAAAA!!! Graffiti, you have actually left a comment on my blog. Fantastic - I am all chuffed now. Team meetings are largely useless lol rugby team mmmm interesting thought, few big forwards who lose their cool in the scrums and the odd ispirational back, yeh .... I see what you mean.

Bobo: Cider is always good and ... how dare you!!! Men in velvet coats, since when has one of those turned my head? I can assure you that the coat was the only thing I was interested in.

Cosmetic theory? Do you mean cosmic by any chance? Tut tut Bobo, I could put it down to too much cider but you just confessed to not getting enough.

I must remember to do more slagging off lol Grantham is rather grizzly - luckily I did not get that far before I was rescued.

Kahless: Living inside ones head does tend to mean things dont get done. Just do it eh? You seem a woman of action to me anyway, you just have lots of thoughts too. Still impressed by all the DIY.