Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ms Smug Madam checking in

I just wrote an assignment in three hours. I did, I did, I did. Having moaned and struggled and grizzled about it for two months I just sat at the computer, lit my earth candle and got my bloody head down.

2,575 words in 3 hours. Not bad eh? I reckon all that thinking at the Moot this week got the brain desludged and ready to go.

It has given me hope for my dissertation, maybe I will get it done by the Summer if today's little performance is anything to go by.

I shall be closeted away tomorrow as well. Just got to reference today's work of art and science - (after all it is an MSc I will have after my name) and then I can look at the other one I HAVE to write before the end of Feb.

Just off for a luxurious bath as a reward for my efforts... ahhh and relax!


trousers said...

Ah, must be a satisfying feeling, enjoy it for all it's worth! :)

(Oh, and it was only mock-offence as regards the chippy: you're not far wrong as regards the city centre. There's one down the road from me though which is great, consistently so, and has been for years!)

Queen Vixen said...

Trousers: I know,but people can get very protective about their chippies. Glad you have a good one down the road!

I am feeling rather satisfied and shocked. Got the next one to complete tomorrow. May have a go at couples work - only ever had two couples but its a very different experience as a therapist.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Good on ya vixen! It is a fantastic feeling when we've accomplished things we thought were going to be extremely difficult!

Queen Vixen said...

Vi: You are so right. Did the other one today too. I feel so satisfied. Tired but satisfied.