Saturday, December 29, 2007

Root and Branch

"Twisty old devil.
Looked as if it held a grudge in every scabby branch, and if you touched it there'd be sharp, pointy bits, like thorns. And it wouldn't give you any fruit, on principle, wassail or no wassail, because, left to rot, apple trees ...
...they grows resentful."

Isn't that just great? It sums up why I like the Pagan slant on things, it gives nature 'teeth', it restores power to living things and revives the sinister - creating a healthy respect for ecosystems. Wicca embraces the Shadow, light is not light without the dark, things have to decay so that life can be reborn. The Seasonal Dance embraces death as well as life, the Crone is as important as the Maiden, the Sage is as potent as the young Hunter.

I like the beauty of the sinister, the hidden creepiness behind nursery rhymes, the dark underbelly of fairy tales. The glorious artwork of Arthur Rackham is a personal favourite and encapsulates what I am talking about, it also brings me back to trees. Rackham's trees are utterly wonderful! As I look out of my living room window at the remnant of Bagott Wood striding across the skyline - stark, brooding and infinitely beautiful, I know that a million memories are stored amongst the roots, bark and branches. Oh how I wish there were Ents in the world! I love trees - one of the reasons paganism appeals - root and branch are part of the culture.

My next post will be, 'What it means to be a Witch!' Kahless requested this some time ago, and I am busy writing notes for you all. Plus there is Bobo's tag about music, (cough cough ... much shuffling embarrassment to come with that one).

Have a lovely evening, and while you are doing so, remember to embrace the shadow, make peace with the dark side, let what you no longer need fall to the forest floor and look forward to sunlight and joy in the new year.


DJ Kirkby said...

What a lovely peaceful post. Looking forward to your next one!

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Hey, glad to see you back posting! Have a fab new year!

Hedgewizard said...

Heh. There's no need for me to get in touch with my dark side...

...because my dark side is constantly in touch with me!

trousers said...

Lovely to read, as dj kirkby says, especially for me the words in the last paragraph, "remember to embrace the shadow, make peace with the dark side".

Happy New Year x

Pixie said...

Peace and tranquility to you my dear.
love you loads
pix x

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, QV! I look forward to all that you have to share. C:)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year QV. Thanks for helping us think up a magical beach ritual for 2008.

Hope 2008 brings a spring to your witchy step and sparkle to your eye. You so rock.


Queen Vixen said...

Hi Guys

Just set up my new pc including internet connection so here I am back online.

Dj: I am hoping to have the next one done over the weekend. Thanks Dj

Vi: Hi Vi, hope you had a good time! Yes I am back :0)

Hedge: Lets hear it for dark sides!

Trousers: Happy new year to you too Trousers. The Shadow is also beautiful!

Pix: Peace and tranquility is certainly what I hope for. Love you too.

Craig: Thanks Craig, you are always so supportive. I like your gentle manner.

Hull: I was unaware I helped with the ritual, I know I advised you to let your souls create something wonderful. Sounds as if you did. Happy new year to you too and thanks for the rock comment. Feel like I should say something like Yo Dude! lol Looking forward to seeing you at Conference!

Anonymous said...

We did create something wonderful and special and I liked that we shared our intention with you.
So, dude, respect! lol

I am unsure about conference yet, I will go if I can. Life's a bit complex just now.

Looking forward to your post on being a witch. I just borrowed a book on tarot card spreads and it looks intriguing.

Hope going back to work wasn't too grizzly.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year old friend.


Kahless said...

I think I will just stick to embracing the light side lol!

Queen Vixen said...

Hull: Work is fine. After the initial resistance I am now back to enjoying it all. Enjoy your tarot, good way of seeing what is hidden in your own subconscious, as well as the obvious divination. Bummer about conference. I did a workshop with you last time, the Enid Welford one. I was the 'annoying husband' in our group and I pissed you off! Just playing the role!!! Hope you can make it.

Anon, or should I say Silent Observer. No need to hide in the Shadows at all, you are welcome on my blog and I look forward to more exchanges.

Kahless: Random Kahless is the shadow, Lite Kahless is the light. I have enjoyed both :o)