Thursday, September 20, 2007

Some random ramblings

Lewis has got a shrew! As I sit here tapping away he is throwing it round the room. I tried in vain to save its life but alas it was already dead so I have let him have it to save another being rooted out and killed. I love my cats but I don't like the carnage. In fact I held off from having anymore after the last one deposited a liver on my daughters geography homework. The cat responsible got killed on the road, and I vowed there would be no more - but Lewis was so cute, I forgot to entertain the possibility that he may turn out to be a killer.

The cat tray reeks too - oh grizzly. Its no fun fishing out the offending lumps at any time of day, let alone after a hard days work and a pint of pear cider. Still duty must be done. Perhaps if I tip it on him he may stop playing with the shrew.

I am off to Glastonbury for the weekend. I am really looking forward to celebrating the equinox on top of the Tor. I am going to take my staff - yes that one - the unmentionable knob-like staff. I shall be visiting the Goddess temple too - and getting a whole load of pressie's in preparation for the festive season. Really really good witchy gifts are hard to come by up here in the Styx. So that's my news - and my plans.

I also thought I would challenge all and sundry, oh my worthy blog pals, to come up with your top five celebrities that you fancy the arse off. You can have barleys and everything because its celebrities and any suspicious partners can have a good laugh and know its all jolly japes and in good fooling!! I guess this is in response to one of Pixie's questions 'who do you fantasise about'. Well as long as we all can quote a celebrity then we can rest easy in our beds when there is nothing much to do at 4am in the morning ....

So my top five:

James Hetfield

Raunchy, sexy - been around the block a million times rocker dude.

Aragorn from Lord of the Rings

Bearded wonder of the first order - mystical, magical and down right sexy in a tunic

Teal'C from Stargate

Dark, mysterious - build like a brick s**t house. Awesome!

Sean Bean

Sheffield's favourite bit of rough - gorgeous voice, likes a scrap - and handles a sword very nicely.

Mr Spock

Leonard Nimoy as Spock in his younger day, was THE pre-pubescent sexual fantasy of my childhood. Oh yes, I have to admit it - my secret desire was to turn Spock into a raging passionate beast; to cut through that logic and discover the fire underneath. Spent many a maths lesson running that little scenario through my little head.

Could say so much more about them all - but now its your turn.

Have a great weekend and will catch up with you all once I return with all my goodies.

Oh yes, and once big grown up exam is out of the way I think I am going to sign up for a Druid course - I really fancy being a druid!


Kahless said...

Without much thought and in no particular order, I have 3 that come straight to mind...
- shaved head Ripley (from Alien no.?)
- Jadzia Dax (ST:DS9 - I cried when she died)
- David Beckham

Enjoy Glastonbury!

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Ooooooo, you would have like 5-0 I met last weekend, he looks like tealc, and was ALL muscles!

Queen Vixen said...

Kahless: I forgot the women, have put up a little post to rectify that but others that take my fancy are Andrea from the Cors, 7 of 9 was red hot, and Shakira. MMMM rather frisky and very nice.

Vi: So where are the pics? Come on Vi, a gal needs her thrills. Muscles are good!

Exmoorjane said...

Yes oh yes to Aragorn...I even fancied him when he was just a character in the book (before I ever saw Vigo Wotshisface)'s that gentle warrior stuff - gets me every time.
yes too to Sean Bean, even though he is pretty pig thick by the sound of it and deeply chauvinistic.
Gabriel Byrne. Not sure why.
Aidan Quinn. Ditto.
Bill Nighy. Very odd.
Oh God, the tall blonde one in Lost....Sawyer. Total utter helpless lust.

Don't get the woman in Heroes at all (though men drool)....think the black woman (I'm so hopeless with names) is MUCH more attractive. Most beautiful woman ever, possibly, is Kirsten Scott Thomas. I would DIE for those cheekbones. Possibly not wildly sexy though, but gorgeous.

l-q-s said...

Well, you already got my two main males in my answers to the questions you gave me (Clive Owen & Sean Bean) but it does vary from day to day. I forgot to add Tom Ward from Silent Witness who is just lush!

As for the ladies, I tend to value age and experience over anything else. So Helen Mirren and, for some reason, Germaine Greer who I think are both beautiful. Although I could also be very happy with Queen Latifah. :)

Pixie said...

Jonny Depp
George Clooney
Gregory Peck in his youth, obviously NOT NOW!is that cheating?
if it is, then Mark Harmon of NCIS
Susan Sarondon
Julia Roberts, big time.

Pixie said...
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DJ Kirkby said...

Oh Glast, how wonderful. Slightly jealous... I shall be celebrating with several girlfriends at my house tomorow night but spare a moment to link with you. I hope you are blessed enough to be bathed in moonlight or washed with torrential rain on top of the Tor.

Chopski said...

I think I must be odd because I never watch a movie/tv show and think "Cor I'd like to give her one!" erm, except for perhaps Jessica Rabbit!

Hedgewizard said...

Aragorn even gets me wet, and I have no wet bits! Mind you, I've seen old Viggo in other stuff too and he's just... ordinary. It was the film, I think. Yes. LOTR gets me wet, isn't that sad?

Queen Vixen said...

Hello all. Had the best time in Glastonbury and spent ALL my savings on witchy stuff, books and general indulgencies of a pagan nature. Fantastic.

To catch up on comments:

Exmoor: Aragorn is really top of the list. Yes it is the gentle hero, all that silent angst - that struggling to fullfill his destiny plus all the wonderfully romantic love affair with Arwen, always apart yet forever together.

L-q-s: Yes, I already have your answers on that one, but Amen to the ladies - I have always found Germaine such a marvelous, strong and attractive woman. Helen Mirren too - did you ever see her in Excaliber? She was so sexy!

Pix: Forgot Jonny Depp, yes of course, but the Jonny of Chocolat as opposed to deffinately wierd Willy Wonker.

Dj: I lay close to the earth - on top of the Tor, felt the pulse of the Goddess, it was wonderful. Plus there was a rather impressive wizard up there too. Leather coat, huge, thick staff, beard and long hair, oh it was a sight to see! lol

Chopsk: Mmmm I suspect Dj may be putting something in your tea!

Hedge: No no no - not sad at all! Fully sign up to the whole Lord of the Rings provoking dampness thing. Favourite damp moments - Galadriel and her internal struggle when offered the ring 'instead of a dark Lord you will have a queen ....all will look at me and despair'. Phew! Erotic in the extreme, and the Balrog - 'You shall not pass..' gets me everytime. Plus Bean in velvet, Aragorn as already stated and every single Rider of Rohan. Oh yes!

Chopski said...

Milk and sugar?!

Casdok said...

I Love your taste in men!!

Queen Vixen said...

Chopski: White, two shugs and a teaspoon of camphor. Should do the trick!

Casdok: Lovely to see you and I will be back in blogland shortly. Please visit again and I shall return the favour.