Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cheese and laptops - not recommended

Hello hello all my lovely blog chums. First a little explanation - my moth eaten lap top has finally given up the ghost. Having said that, I am using it as a type now but I am hoping that this will be the very last time. I just spent 5 minutes writing witty replies for all of you who were kind enough to comment on my last post - at the precise moment that I published - my Internet went down. All comments lost, 5 minutes of my life wasted and laptop almost thrown out of the window. The wireless thingy is dodgy and it has a habit of cutting out just when I have spent 20 mins carefully inputting my catalogue numbers into an order form, or halfway through a security rich procedure to get to my bank account or indeed, when commenting on blogs, wit to the fore, for it to cut out on me at the crucial moment. I usually then have to redraft something functional (due to being pissed off) as opposed to spontaneous and joyful.

Other problem with the lap top is that the motherboard keeps shorting out. (Sharp intake of breath from all you computer boffins) yes, I realise it is terminal but as long as I suspend my arms and wrists about 6 inches above the keyboard I can get some sense out of it. So here I am, shoulders beginning to ache with the extra muscle action required and I still have my cheese blog to do. (Oh Vixen, why do you make so many well meaning promises?) So bearing in mind the precarious lap top position I will be quick and punchy as opposed to lingering and text rich, as originally intended.

Cheese up next,


Kahless said...

I have the internet going down problem at times and it really fucks me off. Times before now I have written a long comment, lost it, and couldnt bring myself to rewrite.

Sometimes I compose in a text editor instead - which I dont lose if internet goes down - then I copy and paste into the relevant bit.

Lifes a fitch.

Queen Vixen said...

Kahless: Yes tis true and the computer shorted out as I was about to cheese post. I am on my sons computer - it may not allow me to make this comment. I am having difficulty signing in, and therefore posting - at the moment my frustration levels are high.

Queen Vixen said...

I cannot sign in through, on my sons machine. Dont know why - and now I am signed in through the comments route I cannot post - the new post link will not take me anywhere. Some sort I fiendish firewall I imagine. The cheese will have to wait I guess, and I am going to buy a brand new lap top on Saturday.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Ohhh, noooo, we have to wait till saturday?????

I wanna know if I'm a smelly cheese! lol

You can order a new laptop on really cheap, and they can deliver the next day.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting your son has the cookies blocked...

And, why does everyone insist on having laptops? I really enjoy the fact that my PC cannot follow me around. (why I don't own a mobile phone as well...)


Anonymous said...

QV: I sympathise. Last night my Orange broadband went down and I had to spend a frustrating hour on the phone to India to fix it. My only consolation was that, by the end of the call, the guy at the other end of the line sounded more pissed off than I was. Ha, revenge lol.

Pixie said...

computer rage is all the fashion in this house.
my sodding laptop (new) cuts out all the time, and then will not let me back in so have to close the damn thing down and start again.
Son's PC obviously plays up judging by the cursing and storming outside to pump weights to sort out his frustration!!!!

DJ Kirkby said...

Hurry upppppp! I want to know if I am a soft n squishy old goats cheese, a herby smooth blend or a hard mature cheddar or what?!