Friday, September 07, 2007

The Moot

So here I am - post Moot. It was good! I enjoyed it, although I had had a horrid day and was feeling fragile; Often the case when called upon to sparkle eh?

I was incredibly anxious about finding my way into Nottingham city centre as I have a weird sort of directional blindness - cant tell my left from my right, tend to invert the bass and the soprano lines when playing four part harmonies on the piano, get letters in the wrong order when writing. All the letters are there - just not necessarily in the right order. So I was scared to death of getting it wrong and ending up, due to fiendish city one way systems, on the way to Lancaster! However I did arrive, hungry and tired.

Managed to park in a desolate multi storey - big scary place with a bus station underneath it (more panics - I don't do cities very well being a country bumpkin; hayseed; obligatory straw in the hair) and found my way to the pub. The oldest pub in the country apparently.

First thing I felt was TOTALLY OVERDRESSED. I mean seriously standing out like a sore thumb, but hey I looked good! Pub had stopped serving food (at 7.30?!?)so my dinner was a bag of crisps and a white wine and soda. They did offer Mcoys or Walkers so I was able to go for the more filling option (ironic laugh). I met the Moot Chieftain and he introduced me to the assembled gothy types, purple hair and piercings. They were all bright, intelligent and very friendly. One thing I do like about Pagans is that the 'light is on'. As a group they are alert, interested and sparky. Lots of 'Histrionics' 'Antisocials' and performance junkies, a love of the theatrical. They are generally funny, articulate and don't give a damn about what people think. Cool!

After scarfing down the crisps we all toddled off to the 'church hall' next door. It really was a church hall with "The highest righteousness is Truth" emblazoned across the wall behind the Platform/Stage. It had the same musty smell, same back breaking chairs, same guy on the door meeting and greeting, the same announcements of up and coming events (cue psycho music). De ja vue - for those of you that don't know me I come from a non conformist church background "The Delphs" (real title of denomination thinly disguised) so this was all eerily similar.

However ..... it soon managed to diverge from the Delph path. Dress for a start off. Its hats and veils for the ladies at Delph meetings, suits and ties for the gents. Here it was wonderful flowing robes, witchy jewelery, bright hair dyes and 'in your face goddess wear' for the gals and (by and large) jeans and pagan t-shirts for the guys. One fella was in a skirt, he had a big green man beard, long flowing grey hair, embroidered velvet top and ... a pink tutu. However that was not the worst of it, the outfit was completed by bright pink ankle socks and sandals. As you know socks and sandals are not the best of looks at any time but bright pink ones! But you know what - so what! He was a confident articulate man and he also did not give a flying 'fish' (one f word is as good as another).

The lecture was on Quantum Thinking - how magick works. It was awesome. I have sat through many a tedious lecture in church halls but this was nothing like them. Multi media presentation with two interactive pieces between the speaker and himself on a video loop thingy - explaining time reversal symmetry etc etc. We learnt about waves and particles and how human observation actually changes waves into particles, we learn how we co create reality, about 'plankt scale' (?), the vast energy and potentiality of the atom and how we are all connected. It really was mind expanding. Plus funny. Plus spiritual. Plus relaxed and respectful - really really good! Left me feeling warm, gave me the science behind what i already know to be true. Great stuff.

Next Moot is about elaborate pumpkin carving (bring own knife). One after that is belly dancing (bring own drum - and presumably a belly). I hope to go again, although if someone does not walk me back to the car park I probably wont. The journey back there was intimidating. I don't like desolate, empty, scary city places that smell faintly of urine and the walk to the car park was a bit harrowing. Oh and I went round the ring road three times before I found my way back out to the Derby Road (Brian Clough Way - wey hey!)and home.

So there you have it, my Moot experience - I look forward to my next trip to wierdy central; my papers to join the Pagan Federation hot foot it to the post box today and I feel rather smiley about it all. You cant beat a beard - and there is a certain easy going energy about people that regularly dress up and let their inner child come out to play... the cider helps too.


DJ Kirkby said...

Absolutly brilliant. Teensy bit of jealousy emanating from my fingers as I wirte this...yet I am also deligthed you had a great time. I am sure if you'd asked for a cap park escort you would have had many friendly and safe offers from the group.

Pixie said...

ah, good excuse for more flowing robes for you then.
Glad to know that you were able to cope with your fragility and by doing something so strong minded as going to a moot.

l-q-s said...

Sounds wonderful! It's always nice to see people who are comfortable in their own colourful skin! I'm glad you had fun but I'd advise some dinner beforehand, next time. :)

Queen Vixen said...

Dj: Got your book today - thanks its great and I shall get all hot under the collar next time I take a bath, not that I will have any kind of collar in evidence lol I have asked for a car park escort and one has stepped forward so it looks like I will be pumpkin carving next month.

Pix: I did do well bearing in mind my dodgy constitution that night. I am going to glastonbury in a couple of weeks so I guess a new robe is not out of the question.

l-q-s: I agree, it is and next time I shall be having a lunch time treat of fish and chips in the paper, sat in my car in the surgery car park. It will be my once a month treat. Love the interview by the way and will be commenting fully.

Hedgewizard said...

Fabbo. Glad you didn't let yourself get weirded out - in my experience you have to decide how to dress yourself without any reference to what anyone else might be doing, and just enjoy it. Woo!

Kahless said...

I like that
The highest righteousness is Truth

Glad to hear you had a fab time.

Queen Vixen said...

Hedge: Too right! It was a good night and I shall pack something a little more casual next time - cause I want to :o)

Kahless: Hello K. It was a good night and pumpkin carving promises to be fun. Plus having the knife will make the walk to the car park a little less scary.

Böbø said...

Nice one QV. Glad you liked your new playmates. Glastonbury should be an ideal gift buying venue {wink wink} to pamper your inner witch {and birthday pressie your technical advisor :) }

Queen Vixen said...

Ok Ok, I know I have been remiss - but present buying will take place very soon. Sooooon Bobo, it will!