Sunday, September 09, 2007

Big Cheese - and other mutterings.

Finally! Taken me bloody ages to get this window open so I can post. Bloody lap tops packed up - I was told that when an exam is imminent (as it is) that the computer packs up (which it has) so I am on my sons machine and it seems to be sulking with me.

I have had such a shitty day! I am half way through a glass of bubbly so please excuse me if I rant but I have had the crappiest crap rubbish day ever.

Had a rubbish day yesterday too. I went to a 30th Birthday party which was a 'kids party' - pirate hats, bouncy castle, treasure hunt, pass the parcel and a magician. "Oh Vixen - don't be so churlish" I hear you cry "It sound great fun" .....well it would have been had there been any bloody alcohol! This really was a kids party with pop and stuff. It was rubbish - totally tedious! I did have a go on the bouncy castle, that I will admit, but the barrage of photographers that suddenly appeared put me off somewhat - bloody dirty old men! So that was enough for me, treasure hunt - boring. Pass the parcel - horrendous (why do people think its ok to stop the music "so the children can win") - err excuse me?!? What about preparing said children for the reality of life - ie you don't get any favours and no one ever gives you something for nothing. The magician was crap - and if it had not been for the curry sneakily planned for just after I would have cheerfully hoisted myself into the tree and become a human pinata (no idea how you spell it) and suffered a brutal death - which was preferable to the party.

That was yesterday - today I told my 'very poor and parental' supervisor as opposed to my 'fabulously cool and living in the real world other supervisor' that I was no longer going to attend her group. That it was too far to travel, and I had not been particularly impressed by what happened in the group last time. I employed wonderful manners, was decorum itself and foolishly expected some kind of respectful attitude in return. Oh noooo, no no no. She burst into tears and launched into a tirade about my inadequacy and reluctance to process things properly. Errr, actually its just too far to travel ... but nooo that was not enough. Instead I was given the third degree and invited to feel like a naughty, wicked very bad, petulant, terribly offensive little girl. Well screw you lady - get over yourself! Sometimes you have to just cut your losses - everyone cannot feel good all of the time, and there is no way I am going back there so she can make herself feel better. She is going to just have to swivel on it.

So there you are, that's my offering - as for the Big Cheese reference, I am going to go through my blog roll and ascribe you all a cheese. I thought about it in the bath and how cheese can sum up a personality. OK, so I am slightly strange but that's why you love me eh?


Kahless said...

Way to go girl; you kick ass!

Cant wait to find out what cheese I am (as long as it isnt of the mouldy variety!)

Kahless said...

Oh, and sounds like your ex supervisor's child was a wee bit upset and was crying out Don’t reject me or I am a good supervisor really!!
albeit maybe covertly.

Who needs a parental supervisor eh.

I suspect more will follow you and leave the group.

Böbø said...

Oh Queen Vixen what a piss-poor performance: a touchy supervisor and a party with no alcohol .... no alcohol .... hmmmmm. Sounds more like a congregation than a party. Crappy on any crapometer Richter scale.

Still, I'm surprised at you being shy on the bouncy castle. I mean I don't want to be crude, so I wont say what I was tempted to say, but you know ... bouncy.

Or maybe that lacks gravitas for a Queenly witch.

DJ Kirkby said...

Love you we do! What a shit couple of days you've had and you still managed to cast a wry overtone to the whole post! Impressed.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

OMG - I wouldn't have gone to that party. No alcohol???? I liked my thirtieth better. A dirty thirties party, a cake the shape of a penis.

I can't wait to hear what cheese I'll be either!

Queen Vixen said...

Kahless: I really think I did kick ass - I retained my cool but also said my piece. I have really put myself on the line with the cheese havnt I? I will get on to it tomorrow. You are of course right about the supervisor. Unfortunately her crying child appeals directly to my 'mother' parent introject. My mom was rather a cold and cruel woman, so supervisors child got a nasty little shock when confronted with my parent. lol

Bobo: It was seriously crappy and the bouncey castle kept bouncing my clothes off. Straps were slippin left right and centre, and someone jumped on my skirt and I almost bounced out of it. To preserve my dignity I had to vacate the castle.

Dj: Awww thanks - I thought I kept my rather black sense of humour throughout.

Vi: YOur party sounds way better - oh the joy of producing a penis shaped cake at this particular party. It would have been priceless.

l-q-s said...

Hi QV. Sorry you've had a rotten few days. You're certainly due more than a glass of bubbly as a compensation, I'd say. :)

As an aside, though, and very simplistically, is that what happens? When you're confronted with whingeyness, you channel your mum's coldness? I only ask because it's something I don't understand about my reaction to my kids. The slightest whinge turns me into a red eyed monster, often out of all proportion to the whinge involved. It, frankly, scares me and is (obviously) horrible for the small ones. And I've never quite worked out what was going on, while still knowing that something had to change. My Reiki Lady, when she was...doing whatever it is she does to see the people surrounding you, descibed my mother as feeling like iron which, I have to admit, I thought was pretty close to the mark. Cold, hard, impervious and it hurts when it hits you.

Queen Vixen said...

Sounds very possible. We all carry parent introjects around with us, and can access those bits of learned behaviour. I know thats what I do. I felt the same with my kids too. Becoming a bit of a 'monster' if they fell over, got upset, got sick etc. I contained it, but I was aware of it - and yes, it was my Mum, or how I learned to behave by being on the receiving end of her stuff.

l-q-s said...

Hmm, interesting. Will go and do some reading on it. It often appears when they are particularly...needy? Don't know if that's the right word. When I feel like I have no way out, is probably a better description. And yes, I try to subdue it as best I can but it's definitely there.

Pixie said...

Just hold on, drink more fizz, it will all pass and tell your stupid inadequate supervisor where to stick herslf.
Crying..... what's that about.... Jeez!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

So sounds like your supervisor belonged at the kiddies party, not you. How ghastly. Drink a lot of fizz, phone up the supervisor and fart loudly on the phone, then hang up and go jump on the bouncy castle. Please don't say I'm Stinking Bishop.

Kahless said...

I look forward to hearing what cheese you name me tomorrow!

Chopski said...

I don't think you were supposed to go on the bouncy castle naked! People as cheese, great! I'm as cheesy as they come!!

Kahless said...

trying to think of a cheese to call myself....

how about... BIG cheese!

And no you can't use that one; I wont let you off the hook that easy!