Friday, September 21, 2007

Little afterthought ... naughty one at that

After reading Kahless's comment I forgot to include a woman on my list. I am straight but ... and this couple are a rather delicious threesome fantasy. They give that extra dimension to Wednesday nights (BBC2) - dont know which one I fancy more!

Nikki and DL from Heroes
Would I say no? I dont think so!


Exmoorjane said...

Hmm, don't get Nikki (had forgotten her name on the other entry). But he's cute! been having fun catching up (have been so busy barely any time to blog or read blogs....grrr).
have fun at Glastonbury. I have very mixed feeling about it as I grew up going there a lot (my grandparents lived in Castle Cary) and loved LOVED it in the sixties and seventies. Pilgrimage to the Tor, the Chalice Well etc....but now its energy seems to have changed (be interested to see what you think). Goddess and the Green Man is the BEST shop (IMHO)....and usually stock up on books at The Speaking Tree.
My second favourite witchy shop is in Bishops Castle in Shropshire...can't think what it's called but really ace.
Have a great time anyway. jxx

Exmoorjane said...

PS - re church and Sunday.....I don't really think about it until the bells start! I often go into churches on my own but I have this weird thing about going to a service. If you go to anything other than the full-on Sunday morning job, then you get two old biddies and are outnumbered by clergy and everyone can hear you singing out of tune and notice you getting up and down at the wrong bits. I like to merge with a crowd. I'm quite sure that one visit will assuage my thirst for the communal experience!!
Absolutely re Liz Jones and the ghastly yoga-man.

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Ah hah - I see Exmoorjane visits your blog . . .Blossomcottage and Exmoor and myself (as I am guilty of starting it) all belong to . . . have a look and see what you think. We are a large group of bloggers who left the Country Living Blog site and now have our very own cyber community.

Very rude of me, but I still haven't had time to catch up on your blog - Purplecoo takes up a great deal of time plus I work - from home blah blahblah. . .

Queen Vixen said...

Exmoor: It was lovely in Glastonbury. I am going to post about it. A lot of people take from the energy, I did feel the need to give back. I offered Mr Vix some reiki and made a donation to the goddess temple, but I do think more people should give back in whatever way then can. Went to all shops mentioned! Speaking tree was particularly good.

As for the communal worship - well yes, people do have to be there for it to work lol

Wester: Thanks for the invite, I will check out purplecoo. No need to apologise for lack of blog checking - I have hardly any time myself so fully understand, its just nice to have you stop by from time to time.