Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Lap Top! New Lap Top!

Hello everyone! Here I am on my brand new Acer lap top complete with Vista operating system. I had minimal trouble getting on t'internet, I was anticipating a LOT of swearing and ranting but it turned out to be fairly stress free.

I am putting off testing out the compatibility of my sound files - needed for grown up exam - because I would like to spend at least an hour being in blissful ignorance of my impending doom. We shall see.

The lap top is all shiny and new. It will take me a little time to find my way around - first impressions. The screen is so clear although smaller - and the ergonomic key board will take a little bit of getting used to as I am a touch typist and type using all of my fingers in the old fashioned style.

The reason for the lap top (CRAIG)is that I have to lug it about for my job. I have to play sound files for supervision and training purposes. My lap top is the way I do that. I do however agree that a PC is far less trouble with better graphics. Lap tops are sort of liberating but I wont be able to play World of War Craft on it. Bummer!

I have not forgotten about the cheese blog and intend to be blogging at around 5pm tonight while Mr Vix watches the pantheon of sports that are currently on, and before I cook a Murgi Kata Marsala for family consumption. So cheese up next - promise, promise.

Missed you all!

OK - now to face the awful truth about the sound files.


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be a pain in the butt,I am actually just thinking through something for myself in a comment to your blog. But, I see so many people trying to buy that one gadget that will do everything, only to get frustrated when that gadget breaks and they can't do anything. SO, for you as an example, if sound files are the only thing you might need the laptop out of the house, might it not be better to put the sounds on CD and get a cheap CD player?

You probably need your laptop for other reasons on the road, but, again, I am just thinking things of my own in this comment. C:) I hope it all works out for you.

Queen Vixen said...

Its all worked out fine Craig - dandy in fact. Sound files are great.