Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Glad you all liked my cheese blog!

I am putting up this quick post - just to let you know I am still here. I have not been posting too regularly because:

1. Computer issues - as you are all well aware
2. Exam in October - every spare minute is either preparing, or whittling about it

However, I shall keep putting up mini posts, a sort of check in to stay in touch. I may not leave comments but I am visiting all your blogs too; having a crafty read while drinking a crafty cuppa - you get the picture.

Today, well ...Groan! Hang over! Haven't had one in a while, as I have really kicked alcohol into touch except for special occasions and emergency measures (think bouncy castle party sans alcohol - not good!)

There is a reason for my hangover. I had my first day in exam group yesterday. Exam group is metaphorically a sort of tunnel or maybe a water slide type thing. You hover at the entrance for a while but once you commit to it, you cant get out and you have to see it through to the end. Thrilling and scary all at the same time. Exam group was very grown up big therapist stuff. It was about reaching the standard, passing and gaining accreditation: Not for the faint hearted but oh so much better than the navel gazing experience that I have found the training to be. There was no room for 'checking out the process' or 'what feelings does that bring up for you'. It was more like, 'shut up and get on with it' - BONUS!

I played my exam tape. The audience contained more advanced trainees than myself, and one of the examiners I will have to face in about 3 weeks. The tape went down well, very well - extraordinary well. I felt so confident at the end of the experience that I now have no doubts that (with a little organisation) I will pass this, and sail on to CTA without a problem.

So - cause for celebration. My daughter also attended her first Youth Theatre workshop at Derby playhouse. She got selected from hundreds of hopefuls! More cause for celebration!

I dropped her off and then went to a buffet type Indian/Chinese place for a meal with Mr Vix and two very large glasses of wine - I mean very large, the type they charge about £9 for and is in reality over half a bottle a piece.

Do you know what, Indian and Chinese don't mix! It may seem like heaven to have prawn crackers and poppadoms at your disposal, to be able to combine spring rolls and gobi bahjee but the taste of chobbly sweet and sour chicken along side murghi kata masala is actually quite horrid. It was really odd - and I have to say, very much regretted at 4am this morning.

Had to get up and see a client in spite of my troubles (good session though - always is when I have to pull it out of the bag, and disguise an ashen visage) and I have two more later on. By that time I am hoping the copious jugs of water will have swilled out my liver and I will be feeling a little more chipper.

Thought you may enjoy this last pic lol - its not me of course! I would be suing slimming world if it was!


Anonymous said...

OOOh ouchy hangover. Up here in the far, f**king, frozen north, we drink Irn Bru to cure hangovers. No one knows how it works, it's totally unscientific. Somehow the restful shade of lurid orange and strange, sharp tasting fizziness, shocks the body out of any sense of lasting pain.

No doubt, though, you will have some witchy brew up your spangly sleeve which will be just the ticket for hangovers.

Yesterday, I read my younger son the story of Winnie the Witch going to the beach and thought of you. She magics up a swimming pool in her back garden just cos she fancies a swim, can you do that? Oh pleease. Now THAT'S magic!

Glad the bigger boys and girls in the exam group didn't try and flush your head down the toilet by way of initiation. Still, there's always the next weekend lol.

Anonymous said...

"Irn-Bru is widely reputed to be an excellent cure for hangovers. This claim has some foundation in truth—all caffeinated drinks will soothe headaches to an extent, and sugary drinks will replace lost fluids and sugars."

Found this on Wikipedia, so it must be true. Next step, British Medical Journal.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Oh, I agree with hullaballoo about irn bru. Helps if it's got vodka in it! ;)

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

I think your hangover might have as much to do with the Indo/Chinese combo you ate for dinner. Wouldn't you die if your tits were as big as those? I think I'd spend a lot of time looking down at the ground, trying to defy gravity.

Pixie said...

Well done to lovely talented daughter for getting in. Must get her theatrical talents from her mother.And I know how good those are!!!

DJ Kirkby said...

Congratulations! Get some milk thistle into you to help your liver with that hangover.

Chopski said...

In our park we have ducks, swans, pigeons in fact lots of different birds. Never seen a pair of great tits on a bench though!!

Kahless said...

Whats on your exam tape and how did you make it?

And fizzy pop is my hang-over remedy of choice, though I tend to try to avoid hangovers because they make my head hurt.

Queen Vixen said...

Hull: There was no witchy magic, I can asure you - just the groaning and clutching of head and belly. Plus I went on to have a nasty migraine later. Serves me right. I shall stick to cider, but thanks for the tip.

I think I scared the big boys and girls!

Vi: Hair of the dog - that does work!

Wakeup: They are a bit big. Bras would be a bit pricey!

Pix: Aww thanks for that. She did really well.

Dj: I will get some in Glastonbury - I am off for the weekend.

Kahless: Exam tape is a 5 minute sample of real client work, all done with consent of course - it aims to show how the therapeutic interventions of the therapist cause a 'shift' in the client. Its rather nerve racking to play it in front of your peers.

Queen Vixen said...

Chopski: Woops chopsk - sorry I didnt see you there. They certainly are a great pair and famous too!