Friday, August 31, 2007

Pictures can be deceptive

I was looking through my holiday snaps and came across these two of myself. Do I look like the same woman? Both dont do me justice - both make me look thicker round the waist than a whale ommlette (cheers for that one Black Adder).

However both do seem to say something about my cheery disrespect for fashion and conventional style. If ever I buy a women's magazine I completely skip anything to do with fashion or beauty. Whats the point of endlessly conforming to what a bunch of (usually gay*) image police say is 'in' at the moment. I have yet to meet a man who liked an anorexic looking woman or who did not get EXTREME pleasure from making the wobbly bits wobble in the heat of passion. Sooo I am going to post these pics and stick a big unmanecured finger up to the recieved wisdom on what makes a woman beautiful.

I already know I am beautiful I let my energy, earthy sexiness, warmth and sense of fun do that for me, oh and the boobs help too :o)

* Nothing against being gay - I like the whole gay thing, just find gay men a little bit hard to take serviously when it comes to what makes a woman appealing to men.


Anonymous said...

Hey QV, thanks for that post, it made me smile, feel warmly towards you, reminded me of me in similar situations, where a sense of fashion is totally irrelevant to the ability to connect, to have fun, be myself.

But before burning my bra completely, I would like to admit to enjoying having manicured nails lol. My son loves having his done too.

l-q-s said...

You know, I just love you more and more with everything you post! :) I think it's always worth remembering that the people who tell us what is 'in' and what we need to slather over our faces/bodies are all making money out of it. Regardless of what anyone says, all these ginormous corporations are making ginormous profits out of cultivating female and (increasingly) male insecurity about what 'beauty' means. So we end up with a sea of people who all eradicate their various natural features, in all their wonder and diversity, in order to look...exactly the same. Where's the joy in that? It makes me so angry. We're not designed to be carbon copies of some marketing executive's idea of beauty. And because concepts of beauty change from decade to decade anyway, if we judge people by whether they tick all the boxes right now, there's nothing to say we won't dismiss them in 10 years time. I don't want my daughter to grow up thinking that she has to look a certain way to be loved or valued. It's horrific to me.

I have yet to meet anyone who hasn't become more beautiful to me as time has gone on and I've gotten to know them better. As you say, the soul of the person (in this case, your very foxy self) shines through naturally and it's worth a million times more than all the cosmetics and size 8's in the world. :)

P.S. That green dress is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

As I always say, self esteem is the sexiest part of any person. But, forget all that and tell me what you were roasting in that fire pit.

Queen Vixen said...

reyH: Thanks for that. Its great to throw off the shackles of conventional beauty. I will not be burning my bra though - far too risky!

L-q-s: Awww thanks - that means a lot. Totally agree with all you have said. Crone and Sage - wisdom is the gift of age. I intend to go on being beautiful!

Craig: Absolutely - and so the truth comes out; you are only interested in my fire pit lol

Its impressive and at that moment it was just the logs smouldering away. However all the facilites were available for a big cauldron of water - tea, coffee, herbal beverages and also a hog roasting contraption.

Pixie said...

Love the Green dress QV, can't comment anymore as you know what a comlpete fashion junkie I am. ... the prada bag is after all real!!

Chopski said...

'stick a big unmanecured finger up to the recieved wisdom' Can you say this without an X rating on you blog?

Hedgewizard said...

Want a robe. Haven't got one right now. *sulks*

As a whale, I find your omlette comments offensive.

Fab photos btw - you look great. Slightly mad perhaps, but great. Go girl!

Exmoorjane said...

Have just found your Trying to follow the links back...think it was Pixie. But see you have my good headmistress Westerwitch on your blog roll. Lovely blog - I'm with you on so much of this.. have written about complementary health for years - and pretty much grew up with it, courtesy of my mother who was a homeopath. Pretty witchy down here too....
Oh heck, had loads more to say but have now lost my thread....too many glasses of the red stuff, methinks.

Kahless said...

Hi Dr Vix, dig the dress.
I have answered your questions btw.

DJ Kirkby said...

Okay that answers my question about the moot! Good post.

Queen Vixen said...

Pix: Thanks, I am very fond of that dress. Your handbags are exceptionally nice :o)

Chopski: I just did, so there!

Hedge: Now now, no need for sulking - plenty of robes out there just waiting tantalisingly in your nearest wierdy shop. Go on, indulge yourself! No offense meant to any blubber and 'slightly mad' is about right. Cheers! Although I am thinking of posting a really really attractive pic of myself just so people dont think I have just emerged from a wigwam.

Exmoorjane: Hello, wave wave. Will check out your blog after this message but have a lovely warm glow to know you like my blog.

Kahless: The dress is ace - thanks. Got different ones with different colours for the different sabbatts. Its all good clean fun lol

Dj: The moot is this wednesday but my pic does look a bit mootish. It was an ironage hut in Wales. I sneaked in, sneaked on the dress and got the photographic evidence. There were only a couple of shifty looks from the other 'tourists'. I think they thought I might have been part of the attraction.

Böbø said...

Oh QV you so look like you're having fun - and such different fun in the two pics.

Love the green dress and the headdress in your magical one. Love the impish green in the hat one. You are a darling ♥

Queen Vixen said...

Bobo: Thankyou, sweet of you to say.