Thursday, August 16, 2007

I am going to a Moot

Just want to share my news. I have been in touch with the East Mids Pagan Federation and I am off to a Moot on 5th of September. Its in Nottingham and seems to rely heavily on the 'pub next door' with a guest speaker in the main room thingy. The talk is on Quantum Magick - or how magick works. Right up my street!

I feel wildly excited by the prospect. I am aware that the reality may be a bunch of wierdies, beard and beer bellies aplenty, swilling ale and extoling the virtues of free love but at the moment I am thinking fondly of some exotically elfin women and earthy green men types discussing theory and practice. A place to exhange ideas and laugh, the odd chant and plenty of pentacles.

Either way it will be fun and a whole new experience. Pagans know how to enjoy themselves - guilt being one of those things that is rejected completely and sent packing, "and it harm none, do as you will" being the motto. In actual fact that motto means that most pagans are very responsible people, generally kind and most deffinately environmentaly friendly.

If I come back with the jitters, muttering into my tea with post Moot trauma, try not to say "I told you so" - for now I am all enthused.


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

does sound right up your street! Enjoy!

Kahless said...

My mental image now is a group of aging hippies or some new age travellers!
Enjoy the free love and dont get too stoned off your bonce.
I am kidding of course.
Hope you have a great time. What will you wear? Your new purple dress?

ps. I thought Moot meant a legal debate!

Lynn said...

Guilt sucks. Have a blast, my friend. :-)

Böbø said...

Yay for weird hippy pagan times. You'll swan in like a minor Goddess, with a swish of your magickal dress, a clunk of high healed boots, and the slight whiff of Perfume de Cider.

I'm sure you'll liven up the place no end.

Pixie said...

Surely not a 'minor Goddess', more a Goddess, nothing minor about QV.
You go girl, knock'em dead, with your beauty, knowledge and intuiation.

DJ Kirkby said...

Enjoy!!!! They can be something special...

Queen Vixen said...

Vi: Yes it dones doesnt it. Wierdy folk are a bit like bikers - the harley davidson chapters. I fit right in, the women tend to be rather buxom with a glint in the eye, the fellas are all earthy and know how to enjoy themselves in a real ale sort of way.

K: thats the sort of image I have too. When I went to witchfest a couple of years ago, they were a mixture of hippy and goth. Plus there were a lot of strange men in garlands and lace glove - well the one that latched on to my group was. grizzly. I will be going straight from work so it will probably be black business suit. If they dress up then next time it will be one of my festival dresses. Colour and style changing depending on the time of year.

Lynn: It does indeed and I intend to. Cheers!

Bobo: I reckon I will, although as explained above it will be the natty trouser suite. Long jacket, may go for the boots and dangly earrings.

Pix: Thanks Pixie - and yes no minor dieties for me.

DJ: So now I am curious dj? Have you been to a Moot and need to 'fess up' now is the time! :o)