Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shall I, shan't I?

Hello all you lovely bloggers. It is me, Vixen - after all the Bobo fluster I do hope that normal service will now be resumed.

Just a quickie as I am off to get weighed. I am thinking of joining a Kick Boxing academy. I have been wanting to do self defence for a while and after all the shenanigans with Bobo I thought that a black belt may come in handy.

Its a little more expensive than I would like, and its a commitment. I am not sure, but I know it would be a good thing for me. I shy away from confrontation and I want to tackle my Please You driver. Kick boxing may be just the thing, plus I would get fit and lose weight. I sooooo like the idea of having a black belt!

On the way out of the car park, one of the instructors had to move his car. There were a group of wispy youths blocking his way. He gave them ample opportunity to move then just drove over them. (loud laughter) I kid you not, the guy just drove into this youth and went over his foot without a care in the world. 'Said youth' responded by gesturing in a tried and trusted Anglo Saxon salute, and bawled "You Twat" at the instructor. Mr Black Belt killer simply waved and drove on. Now that is the kind of confidence I want to have!


Anonymous said...

I prefer my confidence more subtle and nuanced - I've trained in the martial art of Aikido for most of my adult life - but either way, it is better than getting bullied. And, since I don't have an angel and a devil standing on either shoulder whispering opposites into my ears (I have two devils whispering the same thing.) my vote is for "Shall." C:)

Pixie said...

OMG if you do some kick ass training what will that mean for your already powerful energy levels when we go out!!!!

Queen Vixen said...

Craig: I think the times of the classes may actually stop me. Its a shame but they are all early evening and thats when I am either seeing clients or returning from the surgery. Not to chuffed about it.

Pix: Well it could just be out of control, or I could be so knackered after the kick boxing that I just collapse into the sofa