Friday, August 17, 2007

Hey Bobo - get off my blog

Ayup this is a fine state of affairs. Bobo seems to be posting to my blog. Bit scary. I am getting paranoid and feel rather exposed.

Hey you - sling it!

PS I know this is a mistake from Mr Bobo but I will leave it up to have a good old laugh!!!

Or maybe not - it does contain some details that should not be seen.

PPS I have deleted it to spare his blushes but will leave this one up so there can be some sniggers.



Kahless said...

Hey QV,
heard of the expression 'Bloglines never lies' - well I am popping over there right now as I'll be able to see the deleted post and see what all the blushing is about.

DJ Kirkby said...

I am confused QV. How is Bo Bo posting to your blog?

Pixie said...

Oh Mr control freak looses the plot... tut tut bobo... Very good question dj. Anyone gonna answer it?

Anonymous said...

The plot thickens, oooooh the delightful intrigue. This sounds mysterious, tell all QV. It must be something REALLY embarrassing lol. I reckon Bobo is big enough to take a teasing though lol. xx

Kahless said...

I have read the post and still have it on bloglines. Anyone want to bribe me to see it?

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

I saw it on bloglines as well. Who is Bobo, Queen and how the hell did he access your blog?

Kahless said...

Hi Vi,
btw, I have worked out a way to partially fool bloglines!!! Cant do it for change your mind posts but you can do it before you post!
Ho ho ho.

Queen Vixen said...

Hehehe - I have been laughing about this all weekend. Tee, hee, chortle and a big belly laugh. Kahless! You are brill - fancy being able to track deleted posts. The funny thing about the Bobo one was that it had all his work details and real name on. Bless! I feel really wicked now, but he does quite like being teased so its fair game. Plus the Html did not work - poor bobo.

So I will post a full explanation as to why this happened and who Bobo is.

Kahless said...

I have been known to write a post late at night, wake up early in the morning and think 'Holy Cow' better delete that.

But Vi caught me out once and told me about I subscribe to my favourite blogs because it is a handy way of seeing when new posts have been made. Once posted, it is sent there.

It is also useful to subscribe to your own blog, and that way keep a back-up archive. Dont get to see comments though on bloglines, so if you want to hide something, your are relatively safe in the comments section.