Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Getting back to my old self

Its quiet in Blogland tonight but I want to write a little post. Feel as if I have not been attending to things over much. School holidays and all that! I still have the interview with Kahless to do, the questions she asked are: -

What makes you smile?
How did you get into being a masseur?
Imagine you are a champion sportswoman. What sport would you excel at and why this one?
Tell us about one of your favourite books.
Tell us about one of your proudest achievements outside of your family.

I shall reveal all tomorrow as I would like to be all fresh and fluffy to answer such questions. As opposed to knackered and frisky. Bit of a contradiction in terms but I feel dead tired after my day working in the NHS.

As for the friskiness, well I have lost all my holiday weight and fitting into my clothes rather nicely. Got the bit between my teeth with exercise and I keep visualising myself in black leather coat and trousers plus boots. It feels great to have a stirring - my essay hell seemed to have eradicated any sensual needs and revellings but it looks like normality is being restored. About bloody time!

Come to think of it, I will answer question number 1. Why not?

What makes me smile? Now, is that smile or laugh? I always laugh when someone falls over in a comical fashion. It comes from my Dad who used to fall over regularly. I once spent an entire 3 mile walk laughing hysterically with my sister after my dad fell over 5 times. Trips, slips and stumbles, the final straw was when he slipped on a stile and crushed the family jewels on an uncompromising wooden slat.

He went down the side of a cliff once, all we heard was was a plaintive curse "these crappy shoes!". He fell down the stairs at night - stepped out into the abyss thinking it was his bedroom door. We all leapt out of bed to find Dad groaning at the bottom of the stairs. No one helped him, we were all to busy laughing. It sounds cruel, but you havnt seen my Dad!

I am not one for slap stick comedy but I will always always laugh when someone falls over.

As for things that make me smile, my kitten Lewis regularly does. I love the way he swaggers about and tackles huge obstacles with manic optimism. I smile all the time, I smile when i think of what I have achieved, I smile when I think of my family, my friends - the warm and wonderful people in my life. I smile when I think of my witchy powers, of finding my right path, lots of stuff. I smile at life and how wonderful it is.

OK folks thats enough from me. I still have a few holiday snaps to share and a whole series on, 'What it means to be a witch' - you have been warned.


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Well done on the holiday weight loss mate. What I like to hear!

DJ Kirkby said...

You lost it and I found it sweetie.The bits about your dad falling over made me giggle.

Chopski said...

Nothing much is funnier than old people falling over!!

Pixie said...

And your dad such a sweetie'n'all.
Well done on the weight lose... no more cider for you then... HAHA!

Queen Vixen said...

Vi: I have got straight back in the saddle. Really want the leather coat and the tattoo. Going to have my belly button pierced too. Those are my reward for hitting the magic 9 stone 12lbs

dj: Its hard to diet in the school hols! Dad is a laugh - glad he provided you with some amusement. I have been laughing along side him for most of my life lol

Chopski: Yes quite, it is very funny. He is not that old either only 61 - bless!

Pix: Dad is rather sweet. I know you quite like him in spite of his danny la rue appearance. Cider is carefully planned in to my sins quota.

Kahless said...

Tattoo? I thought about having one recently, purely for rebellion purposes, but never got round to it.

I'm glad that you acknowledge what you have achieved in your life; that's cool.