Monday, August 27, 2007

Ok so thats enough cleaning!

I don't like doing the housewife thing. I really really don't like doing it. I can stand about 48 hours of it and then I seem to lose the plot. The wheels come off the wagon and I grind to a halt imagining life to be an unfair conspiracy to keep me imprisoned in an endless cycle of laundry, cooking and cleaning. Not for me the sunny day outside, not for me the opportunities of the open road, not for me the countless wonderful experiences that are out there. Hey I know its scripty crap but it still takes me completely by surprise. Amazing what a sustained blitz at the kitchen can do to my mental health, which also sheds light onto why I got quite so depressed for 10 years raising my kids. Which also brings me onto the next question in Kahless's interview so I shall make myself a cuppa and start writing. Writing is so cathartic and I will be right as rain in a couple of hours!


Kahless said...

48 hours to clean a kitchen; bloody hell!

Queen Vixen said...

It was BAD!

l-q-s said...

It must have been! Even mine only took an hour yesterday. Although the water in the mop bucket was blacker than a witches cat but we won't worry about that because now everything is shiny! It's nice while it lasts, eh? :)