Saturday, August 25, 2007

I am having a tidying day

Its bank holiday weekend. The weather is great, got my Lara Croft shorts on and I have a day with nothing in particular to do. I am going to sort out my blogs - ie visit everyones blog that is on my roll and go hunting for others. I rarely get the luxury of just surfing. Plus do at least one more question from Kahless's interview.

The other thing I fancy doing is tidying. Now I am no house keeper. I loathe cleaning, I cannot raise any enthusiasm for cleaning products, I tend to make beds once every couple of months. It is a picture of slovenly deshevellment. However, today I really do need to smell cif lemon fresh and be able to go into the untility room without a bio hazard suit on. So my friends, its rubber gloves and a squeegy for me today.

I am going to crack on, get some heavy rock on the stereo and get jiggy with the bleach.

See you later.


Pixie said...

when you've finshed yours feel free to pop round with your dusters and have a go at my hovel. I've currently only got three cobwebs in my bathroom!

DJ Kirkby said...

Finshed yet? Feeling smug? Catch any sun? I really can't be bothered to clean today though the house sure could do with a going over...

Kahless said...

Like DJ, I can't be arsed to clean either.

Getting loads of fresh air, well actually cement dust, instead!

Queen Vixen said...

Pix: Only Three? You are doing well lol I have had enough cleaning this weekend to last a life time.

dj: I felt a glow of pride and contentment at first but now I just feel angry. Thats what cleaning does to me, I just get cross about it.

K: Fresh air sounds good even with the cement.